Thursday 22nd March 2018

Health & Beauty

Emma Leaven and the false economy of flu

This cartoon is part of a series of graphic strips by Steve Bee, author of the Pension Guru cartoons. Join Emma and her family as they muddle through life puzzling over any-and-all things personal finance.


Are you running indoors? You’re wasting money! (And other savings tips).

Mid-January is the time of slowly diminishing New Year’s Resolutions. It’s a scientific fact that changing behaviours in any significant way goes against human nature. However, even the smallest of changes can make a big impact, on both your health and your wallet. Here’s some suggestions. Breakfast Let me just start by stating the obvious,…


Emma Leaven and the weighty puzzle

This cartoon is part of a series of graphic strips by Steve Bee, author of the Pension Guru cartoons. Join Emma and her family as they muddle through life puzzling over any-and-all things personal finance.

How much does a hearing loss hold you back?

Long read: What’s the true cost of a hearing loss?

Is there a way to accurately count the true cost of a disability? I’ve often wondered whether ‘I coulda been a contender,’ had I not been born half deaf. It is a phrase I’ve always joked about when I think about how my hearing loss might have affected my career and future earnings. Did being…

Hair Cut

Would you have your hair cut by a trainee?

In my twenties, when I couldn’t stretch to exorbitant salon prices, I was usually very happy with free, or almost free, hair cuts done by trainee hairdressers. I say ‘usually’ because there was just the one time when I emerged from the chair distraught after a scissor-happy frenzy had ensued and I was convinced my…


Get fit: get paid

You know the cliché: new year, new you. Early January sees the gyms filling up, the streets full of pavement pounders, and empty fruit and veg aisles, as we look to shed some of the excesses of the holiday season. But, with nearly a third of us abandoning our New Year’s resolution by the second…


Should we still be paying for the contraceptive pill?

The contraceptive pill arrived in the UK in 1957. It was initially introduced to ease ‘female disorders’, and was made accessible to all women in 1960. The pill has so far done wonders for women; allowing them choice, liberation, and control. Today, 55.5% of women use the contraceptive pill, not only to prevent pregnancy, but also to…

Charity Shop

Charity shop? Why not!

I have long been a lover of charity shops – in a culture of fast fashion, it is the most ethical way to shop. I even volunteered in my local Age UK charity shop in my teens for my Duke of Edinburgh Award. Sometimes I go on day trips to places which have good charity shops…

Clothes Shopping

Why I will probably never stop buying clothes

Anyone who knows me knows that I love my clothes (almost as much as my food)! When I first got a part time job at 14, all my income was spent in Topshop. This was then later divided between alcohol and Topshop, but for a while it was mainly Topshop. When I was in 6th…

Tampon Tax

The autumn statement: what it means for our tampon tax

A couple of weeks go, our dear chancellor, Phillip Hammond, produced his autumn statement – AKA ‘the budget’. Yep, instead of doing the budget in the spring, you know, round the time the financial year starts, the government is now going to review the country’s spending in the autumn. Apparently, this will give us more time to…



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