Wednesday 1st April 2020

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Five self-care podcasts everyone needs to listen to

I find the term ‘self-care’ irritating. This is partly because, like words such as ‘wellness,’ ‘fierce’ and even ‘health,’ it’s often tossed around gratuitously by people less interested in its meaning than in associated self-promotion. I strongly endorse the principle of being kind to oneself, but, like many forms of personal development, self-care has been…


“Huel be surprised how well it works”

A couple of years ago, I started noticing advertisements for a ‘meal substitute’, appealingly named Huel. At first I didn’t think much of it; plenty of people get offended by advertisements popping up on their social media feeds, apparently unaware that this is par for the course with any product or service purporting to be…


“My week as Michelle Mone”

“I feel underdressed!” says leading life coach Carole Ann Rice as she takes in my rose-gold sequined Goddiva evening gown which hugs my figure while its fishtail hem flirts seductively with the floor. It is 11am and I am meeting Carole Ann for a coaching session, as part of my plan to become as successful…


Think “small plates” equal small prices? Think again!

As part of the revolt against three-course meals, lots of restaurants have miniaturised their menus in the form of “small plates”. Unlike the French and the Italians, who still make time for languorous, multi-course eating occasions, fewer Brits believe that they have time for the relative formality of more conventional meals. That’s why small plates,…


The true cost of acne

It’s the day of my big birthday bash, so of course I’ve woken up with a crater on my face so big Neil Armstrong could’ve landed on it. In a panic, I run to Boots and buy everything in sight that professes to rid my skin of this horrible disease that is acne: cleansers, scrubs,…


Is influencer marketing immoral? Confessions of an insider

It’s a dreary Tuesday evening and I’m sat on the sofa eating a ready-meal mac ’n’ cheese, watching ‘The One with Ross’s Sandwich’ for the tenth time. I flick through Instagram and watch my favourite influencer ‘unboxing’ the three free parcels she’s been sent today. One by one, she shows off her new jade face…


My pointless NHS taxi – a waste of public funds

Through the stained glass, I could see what looked to be a grey-haired man in his sixties, eyes squinted, peering in. I opened it, to which he enquired, looking very confused: “Are you Madeleine Sutherland?” I confirmed I was. I had, fifteen minutes earlier, called up NHS 111 service to ask for advice about a…


Introducing our writers

They are students, mothers, artists, job-seekers, office workers, political activists – everyday people facing everyday money challenges.  Meet Mouthy Money’s new writers – they tell stories about their financial lives, dreams, successes and failures. And their words won’t just twang your heartstrings or make you clutch your sides with laughter – though they’ll certainly do…



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