Wednesday 1st April 2020

Health & Beauty

Your diet is making you fat (and nine alternatives that actually work)

In 1999, my sister and I embarked on ‘The Cabbage Soup Diet’. It is as ludicrous as it sounds but the fact that someone somewhere had written it’s what the health professionals recommended obese patients, we thought we’d give it a go. Neither of us was obese nor under doctor’s orders but back then, when…


Saving the planet is bankrupting me

I’m sat in my Mickey Mouse pyjamas in a grump because for the fourth night in a row, I’m dragging a reusable cotton breast pad across my face. It’s been two months since I embarked on finding an alternative to disposable cotton make-up removing pads, and I’m on my fourth ‘reusable’ product in the hope…


How vegan evangelists are propping up the ultra-processed food industry

Ultra-processing hands food manufacturers a licence to print money. Take potatoes. There’s only so much you could charge for them in their natural form, even if you were to market them as exclusive heirloom varieties, hand polished in mineral water by virgins. But transform them into crisps, or microwaveable chips, and the sky’s the limit.…


What I talk about when I talk about jogging slowly

I wasn’t a popular child. This was never more obvious than during PE, where the combination of my reputation as a boffin and the fact that I was comprehensively terrible at sports meant every lesson I was unable to skip due to “tonsillitis” became an interminable exercise in doing the bare minimum, and having no-one…


The cost of being ill

We all get sick. It sucks. Whether it’s manflu or something more serious and life threatening, in our fast paced world, it’s sometimes hard to take the time to recover, or enjoy the time we have. The last thing you want to do when you’re ill is worry, but money worries can crop up. Having…


January is a bad month to become a healthier you – here’s why

It’s January again, the month of food angst, apathy, and opportunism. We’re carrying more weight than we’d like. Dark days and seasonal illness make us sluggish. Dreaded tax returns and bills beckon. And this miscellany of midwinter delights is underpinned by an all too familiar new year reality: January is a very long month, and…

Mental Health

Money & Mental Health

Mental Health has been talked about a lot so far this year. The fact it is being spoken about is fantastic and is helping to break the attached taboo and stigma, yet people still struggle to open up about it. Financial worries are also something people often keep to themselves. In this blog post, I…


Why the UK needs ‘Baby Boxes’

Every expectant mother in Scotland is eligible for something called a ‘Baby Box’. In the Scottish Government’s own words: “The Baby Box is a welcome gift for every baby born and living in Scotland. It’s packed full of all the essential items your baby will need to give them the best possible start in life.”…



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