Wednesday 1st April 2020


Family Holiday

Staying in a hotel with the kids? Beware of extra charges…

It’s easy to find yourself in a pickle when you’re booking accommodation suitable for a family-sized group. The extra charges vary considerably for hotel bookings when you’re bringing children with you, and the maze of family room prices, extra bed supplements, cot hire and room capacity limitations can be challenging to even a well-seasoned hotel…


Restaurant Revolt: The Not So Pukka Life

Let’s kick this off by stating that I am a big fan of Jamie Oliver. I have been since I showed an ounce of interest in food tech a school and then got into cooking. From creating my own (somewhat better!) version of one of his puddings, to owning all of his cookbooks, he’s been…


REVIEW: will online shopping make your Wish.com come true?

In a Britain, where just about every label reads “Made in China”, why not cut out the middleman, and order straight from the factories themselves. This is the philosophy behind Wish.com, a fast growing online Chinese marketplace – sell items quickly and cheaply. However, some caveats can easily be identified; more often than not, you…


How to save on your holiday

Spring is here and there are many Bank Holidays on the horizon. Plus, summer isn’t THAT far away. Many people are turning their thoughts to holidays and city-breaks, which may already be in the diary. Or perhaps booking a holiday is on your to-do list. Either way, you’ll want to know how to get value…


Why you should only tip for good service

You’re out for dinner with your partner’s friends and as you finish off your chocolate bomb with the remainder of three bottles of Malbec, your waiter leans in. “Can I get you anything else,” he asks. “Just the bill please,” you reply. Suddenly you start to sweat. Did you bring any cash? You reach for…


Learning a language? Check out these free resources

It’s no secret, learning another language is good for the brain. Especially as we get older, being lingually diverse has shown to help combat the effects of diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Knowledge is also power, and increasing your database also opens a world of career and travel opportunities, as I’ve covered in a previous blog.…


Can you separate the artist from his art when he is a money-spinning predator?

One of the questions that has popped up again and again since the advent of #MeToo is: can you separate a predator from their art? Historically, the answer has been yes – as long as that art is considered good, and it makes money. The release of Leaving Neverland, a documentary detailing historic allegations of…


Budget Bangkok

Should you ever find yourself in Thailand’s dazzling, chaotic and beguiling capital city for more than the iconic ‘one night’, save some cash with these tips. You’ll have some Thai Baht to spare for delicious street food, cocktails in rooftop bars and the all-important sightseeing. Getting around Using Bangkok’s network of river taxis means less…


Anger management: how flipping tyres will help you chill

The new year is meant to signal the start of a “new you” but when Bacardi’s still crashing through your veins, and you’re sweating pure stollen, you feel less like trying Tai Chi and more like punching people in the back of the head as your waistband crushes your inner organs.  So it’s perhaps perfect…



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