Friday 15th November 2019

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Funeral budgeting guide

Arranging a funeral on a budget: A beginner’s guide

I couldn’t say I was surprised when my cousin finally passed away. He had lived life without much concern for what tomorrow would bring, and 53 years at that pace had finally caught up with him. His body had been relenting. His life in the fast lane left little room for the vagaries of day-to-day…


The four ways mothers are financially penalised

A mother’s work is never done and she doesn’t even get paid for much of it either. This weekend it’s Mothering Sunday, a day on which we traditionally celebrate mothers and all the crap they put up with for the sake of the preservation of mankind. While it’s nice to receive a bunch of chrysanthemums…


List shopping, the simple time and money saver!

I’ve always looked at shopping lists as a bit of an ‘old school’ thing to do, something not really for me. Whether you consider yourself a list maker or not, how often do you actually write down want you need and take it with you to the supermarket? There are many benefits of making a…


You can’t know someone until you live with them

Living with people you don’t know is not unusual per se. In London, insane rent and a constant influx of new people make it an inevitability for many. This was the case for me. I am very lucky to know friends all over my beloved city. But I spent much of my early twenties broke…


Are you due free cash?

Throwing money away is the last thing anyone would willingly do. But that’s exactly what millions of us do every year by failing to claim what’s rightfully ours in compensation, rewards, tax breaks and giveaways. There’s plenty of cash up for grabs – you just need to know where to look and how to claim.…

Mouthy Money

Emma Leaven and the Brexit block out!

This cartoon is part of a series of graphic strips by Steve Bee, author of the Pension Guru cartoons. Join Emma and her family as they muddle through life puzzling over any-and-all things personal finance.


I call on 18-year-olds to rise up and stage a coup

The buffoonery taking place in the House of Commons this week convinces me that it is time for our nation’s 18-year-olds to rise up and storm Parliament. I mean, seriously, scenes involving Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay speaking in favour of a motion one minute – indeed, wrapping up a whole debate about it with his…



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