Wednesday 8th December 2021

How to have the perfect wedding for around £5K (it can be done!)


OK, wedding’s done, all married up and that.  It’s taken us about two months to recover, financially.  But we saved, rather than using credit cards or anything, so we’re as we were, without any financial hangovers.

My good lady wife, M, would be the first to admit our thrifty wedding plans slipped the leash, and we maybe spent a little more than we should.  We were obviously still well below the national average wedding cost – between £20,000 and £24,000, depending on your source.  However, as wedding fever kicked in, particularly in the last week or two, we were both more inclined to throw financial caution to the wind.

So, as the strings swell, and the credits roll, how much did we actually spend?  In broad strokes:

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Item Cost
Ceremony and legal bits  £645
 Rings  £500
 Reception including food for 90 people and a ten-piece soul band  £2977
 Bridal gear  £685
 Flowergirls  £144
 Groom and best man gear £400
 Stationery  £30
 Flowers and photography  £230
 Decorations  £215
 Grand Total  £5826

To read how I managed to cut costs, check out my previous posts on wedding outfits and haggling with suppliers

I look at that number, and it doesn’t horrify me, for a few reasons.

  • We’ve got ace, talented mates. This is probably the case for lots of people, and everyone will find their own way to call in favours that cut costs massively.  If we’d have paid for the professional services of everyone who helped us, you could easily double that total.
  • We’ve got lovely, supportive family. It would have been a much different scenario, had we not had the financial support of our nearest and dearest.
  • It’s a one-off, goddamn it! It felt very strange and self indulgent, initially, but as my wife so eloquently pointed out in her speech – we threw a party for the people who made us what we are, it’s them we’re celebrating with the big do. She said it better than that, obviously.

As good as it was, though, me and M are looking forward to getting stuck into some other stuff – weddings are fun, but they’re pretty time-consuming.


Dan Lever

Mouthy Blogger

Family man from Bolton, guitar teaching exercise enthusiast, due to get married any minute now so watch this space.

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