Thursday 9th July 2020

It doesn’t pay to displease the capricious Ayatollahs who run the medieval theocracy of Iran.

For, in the ancient dusty squares of Tehran, capital of this pariah nation, wide-eyed children can occasionally be seen squinting up at the corpses of gays, blasphemers and political dissidents as they swing by their necks from cranes.

Jeremy Corbyn, the man who wants to be our Prime Minister, must have known about the country’s vile record on human rights. Yet between 2009 and 2012, he took £20,000 to appear on the country’s state-run TV channel, Press TV, effectively lending it the credibility of a member of one of the world’s oldest and most stable Parliaments.

Press TV is used to peddle anti-Semitism and anti-Western propaganda and is banned in the UK. There is no record of Corbyn ever having used his talk show role to challenge these prejudices or to speak out against Iranian human rights abuses.

Maybe he missed the fact that almost all other British MPs were refusing to associate with the channel on moral grounds, while he busily collected its shilling. Maybe he justified the tawdry endeavour with his delusional belief that he has special powers to make bad people behave – powers that have eluded his contemporaries.

Or maybe Corbyn’s coquettish response to the batting of authoritarian, anti-Western eyelids was part of a life-long pattern of appalling political associations and dodgy justifications that make him one of the worst candidates Britain has ever had for Prime Minister.

“Corbyn is not fit to run the Islington Scout Group, let alone the country”

I’ve always believed most people would be better off under a Labour government and, as a result, have voted for the Red Team since Tony Blair’s elevation in 1997.

It could still be that a fair deal For The Many, Not The Few is possible under a Corbyn Government – although I’m far from convinced – but, for the first time in my 20 years in voting in General Elections, the economy plays second fiddle to national security.

Let’s face it: dark clouds are gathering.

The war-torn Middle East is disgorging jihadists who are building a terrifying global insurgency bent on End Times as home-grown Islamists simultaneously strengthen their foothold in the UK.

Meanwhile, North Korea is shoulder-charging its way into the nuclear club, Russia is becoming more revanchist towards the West by the day and our relations with Trump’s America and Europe are rapidly cooling in the chill winds of isolationism.

Our security is what guarantees our freedom and it has not looked shakier at any point in my life than it does today.

Here’s the worrying thing: when it comes to security, Corbyn is not fit to run the Islington Scout Group, let alone the country.

I’m not going to tell you who to vote for. Despite what I’ve just said, I’m voting Labour for very local reasons, believing, as I do, that the polls are dead wrong and Labour will be beaten – albeit narrowly.

I do, however, want fellow Labour voters to be aware of the Corbynite record on terrorism and foreign policy, which should – frankly – embarrass the most self-respecting of traitors and spies.

A word you will often hear used to describe the Labour leader is ‘decent’. Yet there is no justification for applying this irritatingly over-generous adjective to Labour’s most left wing and least ethical leader of all time.

I’m sure if more voters knew the truth about the fascists he has praised, platformed and propped up over the last third of a century, he’d be a busted flush.

Corbyn and Irish terrorism

So let’s start with Corbyn’s mendacious claim to have been involved in the Irish peace process when the truth is he supported the murderous IRA and wanted the Republican movement to triumph over the British state. That’s right, he wanted an anti-British militia to win an armed conflict with his own nation.

In fact, not only has Corbyn’s involvement in peace talks been denied by those who were negotiating – many who were steeped in the process, including Mo Mowlem, barely knew him – he voted against the Anglo-Irish Agreement.

If you want any further clues about Corbyn’s admiration for the butchers of the IRA, he was arrested in 1986 at a pro-IRA protest against  the “show trial” (his words) of the Brighton bomber, who tried to murder the entire British Cabinet.

“These are straightforward lies from the Donald Trump playbook.”

At that point, he had already hosted members of Sinn Fein, mouthpiece of the IRA, at the House of Commons just weeks after the Brighton bombing, when the tears of those who’d lost loved-ones could barely have dried.

Or how about the night in 1987 when he stood “to commemorate all those who died fighting for an independent Ireland”? This happened at a pro-IRA meeting, months before an IRA bomb slaughtered 11 people in Fermanagh. The men he was honouring had tried to blow up a police station.           

In each case, Corbyn claimed his actions were not in support of one side or another. Yet, as recently as 2015 he repeatedly refused to condemn IRA murders on the BBC Radio 5 Live Nolan show.

Corbyn the diplomat? These are straightforward lies from the Donald Trump playbook.

Corbyn and Islamism

Aside from his connections to Iran, Corbyn famously referred to members of the genocidal, gay-hating fascists of Hezbollah and Hamas as “friends” at a public meeting.

Of course, when Corbyn shows his true colours there is always a gang of Facebook and Twitter apologists on hand to paper over his inconvenient words and actions, claiming that “it was long ago” or “he didn’t mean it” or “he was trying to be diplomatic” or “what about the Tories?”.

Yet, any right-minded person has only to ponder briefly the depraved misogyny and violence of these terrorist gangs to feel repulsed at Corbyn’s craven language.

Hamas and Hezbollah want the only functioning liberal democracy in the Middle East, Israel, to be wiped from the map, and their Jewish residents to be placed in slavery or be killed. Even if you believe the Member for Islington North was trying to negotiate with these people in the name of peace, it’s simply not possible.

Will he now travel to Raqqa with a teapot and some cake and try to get the ISIS Caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, to see reason? Of course not.

And this is not the only association Corbyn has with the virulently anti-Israel (read anti-Jew) lobby. He was chairman of the risibly named, anti-Western “Stop The War Coalition”, which recently campaigned for a war against Israel.

Corbyn and home grown terror

As we inevitably ponder the motivations of the jihadists who murdered seven people at London Bridge on Saturday, we can be sure that Jeremy Corbyn knows whose fault it is: ours.

We now know there are 23,000 jihadist extremists living freely in the UK. There could be – probably are – hundreds, if not thousands, of rogue imams in prisons and mosques preaching the literalist form of Islam that encourages these men to hate non-Salafist Muslims and non-Muslims.

“Corbyn’s policy on British terrorism is all over the place.”

But, if Corbyn has anything to do with it, we will probably never know. Because, despite what the terrorists tell us themselves, he pins the blame for their heinous crimes on UK foreign policy.

In doing this, the people who Corbyn is throwing under a bus are mostly Muslims themselves – many of whom are calling for a re-reading of their sacred texts to build a ‘British Islam’ that embraces this nation’s culture and effectively ignores the less palatable passages in the foundational texts of their religion that motivate, at least in part, jihadism.

In fact, his policy on British terrorism is all over the place.

He has voted and campaigned against every single piece of anti-terror legislation since he was first elected.

On shoot-to-kill, he opposed this policy until the day after the London Bridge attacks, in which the three terrorists were shot dead, before a u-turn that provoked derision.

I hope, by now, you’ve heard enough so I won’t linger on Corbyn’s links to Stalinists, like his communications director, Seumas Milne, whose sixth form views on global geopolitics are known throughout Fleet Street to be among the most historically illiterate and reactionary.

Nor will I dwell on his opposition to his own party’s support for Trident, which has kept the peace for decades. Corbyn says he won’t ever use it, rendering it useless as a deterrent, having just pledged to spend trillions renewing it. This alone ought to disqualify him from Number Ten.

Why does all of this matter?

The most charitable interpretation is that Corbyn has a faulty moral compass and is unable to weigh one injustice against another.

But it’s probably worse than that.

I believe Corbyn, like many of us – including your correspondent – developed a healthy mistrust of every motivation of America and Britain as a 15 or 16 year old. While most of us grew wiser, better informed and began to understand the nuance of international relations, Corbyn is still that juvenile Marxist, who believes “West = bad”.

If you want to see what a politician will be like on security, it’s a good idea to look at how he or she has behaved throughout their careers. Corbyn will likely continue to see the world through the prism of his anti-Westernism.

A loss for Corbyn is the only thing that will give us back an Opposition and, one day, a decent Labour Government that will keep British citizens safe.

And it needs to be a whitewash. Anything less and the far left will blame anything but themselves – Labour MPs, the ‘MSM’, Israel and so on.

No doubt, some of you are now angry so if you want to vent your fury at me. Please do this on Twitter – I’m @michael_taggart.

[Pic credit: Chatham House]

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  1. I share Michael’s conviction that Jeremy Corbyn is a bad thing for Labour and that the idea of him as PM is appalling. Not frightening, because it will never happen. Just terrible, like the negative impact he is now creating on fair-minded people in all manner of nations, religions and the business community.
    What needs to happen (in order to put and end to the damaging corrosion of the values of our true party (‘True Labour’? now there’s a tag!) – is for Jeremy to get off the scene. This may take some time. Mrs May’s Tories are making it easier for him to claim progress in his approval ratings.
    If only the 167 or so Labour MPs who turned their back on him after his 60% share of the leadership vote had kept their backs turned and forced a replay – against the pernicious vicious meretricious Momentum, Militant and other non-representative extremists. And kept their backs turned until he was shackled and carried off the stage!
    I first voted Labour at age 21 in 1959. I was a constituency agent for our Labour Parliamentary candidate IN 2015. I am bedrock Labour, slightly suspicious of Blair but convinced of his integrity and the value of his accomplishments for us.
    Break these bonds, I beg all Labourites.

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