Saturday 17th April 2021

How to get over six months of ad-free music for free

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I need music in my life. I work from home, in an office by myself. I’d probably go slightly crazy without some kind of background music. I’ve been paying for Spotify for almost a year now and the £4.99 a month offer I received is coming to an end which got me thinking – I wonder how much ad-free music I can get, for nothing.

Spotify Premium offers a 30 day free trial. After that, you’ll be charged £9.99 a month. They occasionally hold offers like three months for 99p which is a pretty decent deal. There are also cheaper packages for students and a family package for £14.99, where six people can have access using separate playlists, with the added benefit of everyone being able to use it at the same time.

Deezer Premium Plus is a lot like Spotify Premium, just with less users and less songs. It has two trials available, and you’re allowed to use both. Download the Deezer app and you’ll get 15 days free – this doesn’t roll over and start charging when it’s expired, it just reverts to the other free version. You can also activate a 30 day free trial via their website, which does roll into the £9.99 a month charge. Again, there are other packages available, though no student discounts!

Soundcloud Go is everything you know from Soundcloud, but you also get ad-free full tracks which are available offline. With over 135million songs available, you can try it free for 30 days and then for £9.99 a month thereafter. It’s pretty easy for just anyone to upload music to Soundcloud though, so some of the 135million songs may well not interest you!

Amazon Music Unlimited has 40million tracks available and, just like many of these services, offers 30 days free before converting to the £9.99 a month price (£7.99 for Prime customers). It’s ad-free and let’s you listen offline, too. There is a family version available for £14.99 a month, and also an Amazon Echo version for £3.99 a month.

Apple Music are the latest heavyweights to muscle in on the streaming service. They offer a huge three month trial, before it charges £9.99 a month. After three months you may forget to cancel, so ensure you pop a note in your calendar reminding you to cancel just before your three months is up!

Google Play Music offers a fantastic four month free period. This gives you access to ad-free music and offers recommendations based on what you’re listening to. Again, once the freebie is over, it’s £9.99 a month.

So the answer is that you can get over nine months of ad-free music for free, from just these six services. That’s pretty awesome! I’m sure I could probably then start each subscription all over again with new email addresses?

The trick to getting free music here, is to keep on top of it and ensure you cancel. This is where the companies make their money; by people forgetting to make a note to cancel a rolling contract. Once you’ve typed in your bank details when you sign up for the trial, I bet 99% of people end up paying for that first month, even though they promised themselves they were going to cancel. Make a note of auto-renewal, and you may never need to pay for ad-free streaming again!

*Note. If you’re happy to listen to the ads and don’t need to take music offline, simply use one of the free versions of these services, or choose an internet radio station like Last FM or Jango.

Offers correct at time of publishing. 

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