Saturday 13th July 2024

Comments Policy

Long, short, fierce, detached, critical, complimentary, whimsical, passionate, intelligent, bold, rhythmical, distaining – we love blog comments of all shapes and sizes.

What we don’t love is nastiness. We’re not asking you to be nice but if you’re only interested in attention-seeking, being mean or ranting, the Mail Online has a perfectly good comments section just for you.

And, to the rest of you…welcome aboard the good ship Mouthy! We hope you’ll enjoy being part of the community and that you’ll continue to debate, challenge and engage our writers, while contributing your point of view.

We want your comments to add to the conversation and to be of use and interest to our readers. So, while we’ll publish 99% of comments, we’ll refuse to publish:

  • Anonymous commentary – except in exceptional circumstances, we only want comments from people who are prepared to stand publicly by what they say.
  • Libel – we have good legal advice on what might put you and us at risk of a writ for defamation so we’re not going there…for your sake as much as ours.
  • Ad hominem attacks – we want to publish debate and conversation about ideas , not personal attacks on those who express them.
  • Harassment – while we encourage dissent, disagreement and difference, comments need to be respectful to our bloggers and to other members of this community.
  • Promotions – anything that looks like spam, cynical link-placing or advertising of irrelevant ideas, products and services will not be published.

We reserve the right to refuse to publish – or to retrospectively remove from the site – any comment we view as a contravention of the rules.

If you want to know more about the Mouthy Money Comment Policy, please email us mouthymoney@mrm-london.com.

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