Monday 27th May 2024

About Us

Like many ideas, Mouthy Money was dreamed up over a pint on a beautiful(ish) summer’s day.

‘Why can’t money be as simple to understand as this – a cold beer on a hot day?’ we mused from a pub garden, looking up at a cloudless(ish) sky. ‘Also, why aren’t more people talking about their finances in an understandable way that actually means something to them?’

It was after the third or fourth drink that we decided enough was enough and this website was born.

Welcome to Mouthy Money. We’re a money blog with a beating heart and a big mouth. We’re made of real people talking simultaneously every single day about real dreams, successes and failures. 

Hope you like it. If you fancy sharing your stories with us, please get in touch. No jargon allowed.


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