Wednesday 20th February 2019

Mo money, mo problems?

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Saving the planet really *doesn’t* cost the Earth

As citizens of the world, it’s fast becoming apparent that in order to preserve this blue planet, we must each make personal choices to mitigate the harm that we do to it. This doesn’t have to be expensive, and being a responsible Earthling can, in fact, save you money. Here’s a small incomprehensive list of…


Why loyalty counts for nothing in insurance and banking

Customer loyalty was an important part of the insurance and banking world in years gone by. But today loyalty is blatantly discouraged and anyone who shows an iota of loyalty is actually penalised. Take insurance companies. Every year a renewal is sent from your home or motor insurance company with a price for the coming…


Best Valentine’s Day meal offers that won’t break the bank

It’s the most romantic day of the year so get ready to schmooze your other half by treating them to a delicious meal. Whether you love to dress up and dine out or stay in and get cosy, we’ve selected the 15 best Valentine’s Day meal offers especially for you. EATING IN A bottle of…


Get ready for the Great Valentine’s Day Rip-off

It’s restaurateurs, not lovers, who should claim Saint Valentine as their patron saint. His titular day is an annual gift to them and the entire catering trade. Outside London, the reality is that most restaurants are short of customers for large parts of the year, a status quo punctuated by seasonal bursts of activity. Christmas,…


Why an extortionate night at the opera means we should bring in rent control

Lots of outrage was sparked this week when it was revealed that tickets to the highly-sought-after performance of La Forza Del Destino at the Royal Opera were selling for as much as £3,435 each on the ticket re-selling site, Viagogo. Tickets with a cover price of around £125. The demand for seats at London’s operatic…


My pointless NHS taxi – a waste of public funds

Through the stained glass, I could see what looked to be a grey-haired man in his sixties, eyes squinted, peering in. I opened it, to which he enquired, looking very confused: “Are you Madeleine Sutherland?” I confirmed I was. I had, fifteen minutes earlier, called up NHS 111 service to ask for advice about a…


The ultimate 2019 survival guide for students

If you haven’t thought about how to tackle 2019, now’s definitely the time to do it. Or before you know, it’ll be time for Christmas all over again! Whether it’s January or December, being a student is an exciting, but also challenging experience. So, it’s often handy to get some guidance. Here are our essential…



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