Sunday 29th March 2020
Dan Lever

Dan Lever

Mouthy Blogger

Family man from Bolton, guitar teaching exercise enthusiast, due to get married any minute now so watch this space.

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Clever commute? Why I swapped the car for my trainers

I’ve spoken before about my budget workout – a chin up bar, a kettle bell, and 40 minutes to myself at home, vs. an expensive membership of a gym full of parading muscular types in weird lycra outfits. It’s no contest.  As many people juggling family and work commitments are aware, time is precious, and your…


Spending cash on a gym? This is why I think you’re a mug

I refuse to spend money on keeping fit. Why? It’s a very simple procedure – do more, eat less. Why should I pay for it? You watch a Rocky montage, there’s never a clip of Rocky setting up a direct debit. And I hate gyms. When I’m in the gym, I can hear my great great grandfather laughing at…


When it comes to planning a wedding, it’s the little things that count

‘Is it farmhouse?  Or French farmhouse?’ ‘What?’ ‘Is it farmhouse?’ ‘Er…yes.  Definitely farmhouse.’ ‘You don’t know what I’m talking about, do you?’ ‘No.’ When it came to organising my upcoming wedding, I fully intended to give as good as I got. I had seen too many good men on their way to the altar, strong men,…


Love and marriage go together like a… really big savings account

William Shatner once said, “If saving money is wrong, I don’t want to be right!” Hello. My name is Dan. I live in Bolton with my fiancée, Emily, and my two young daughters, Rhea and Ava. We get by. It’s hard to think ahead sometimes. Like many other young men my age, I had an extended adolescence…



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