Thursday 22nd March 2018
Dan Lever

Dan Lever

Mouthy Blogger

Family man from Bolton, guitar teaching exercise enthusiast, due to get married any minute now so watch this space.


How to have the perfect wedding for around £5K (it can be done!)

OK, wedding’s done, all married up and that.  It’s taken us about two months to recover, financially.  But we saved, rather than using credit cards or anything, so we’re as we were, without any financial hangovers. My good lady wife, M, would be the first to admit our thrifty wedding plans slipped the leash, and…

Vintage Car

What age of car offers best value for money?

Writing this blog is definitely doing my finances a favour.  As I sat by the window, pondering the conditions that govern the finances of the average punter, my eye came to rest on my battered old Xsara Picasso, lurking out the back.  It’s definitely been the most resilient car I’ve owned (touch wood), but there’s…

Home-brewed Beer

How to brew your own beer

Beer is ace.  I interviewed my best mate and all round good egg, Andy, who has mastered the knack of making tasty ales of all descriptions.  How long have you been brewing? About three years, I started out with kits.  How long, or how many attempts, did it take til you made something drinkable? I…


Something old: I saved hundreds on my wedding suit by going vintage

Followers of my wedding shenanigans may remember my previous post about wedding tackle – I smugly outlined the reasons why I was more clever than everyone else for choosing to outfit myself and my best men in waistcoats, shirt and pants – thereby avoiding the overpriced monkey suit that seems designed to acclimatise the groom to…


Trapped in telecoms: do I really need that new phone?

Two years is a long time. In the world of telecommunications, it’s an eternity. Ask anyone who’s tied into a mobile phone contract. I’m coming to the end of my two year contract, and to be frank, it’s been a bummer. My previous experience with Orange had been OK – despite creeping costs, and sneaky tariffs,…


What grooms worry about before their wedding

I wanted to go as Iron Man. With my two best men as Iron Man, as well.  I thought the anonymity would introduce an exciting chance element during the ceremony. My fiancée, ‘M’, chose to veto this suggestion, fond though she is of my best mates. Not my most useful idea, but it helped me…


Getting hitched? How to haggle costs for your perfect wedding

Haggling. It’s not the done thing, is it? People associate haggling with other cultures – the word conjures up a scenes of genial street vendors in far away lands, trying to meet somewhere in the middle, with a cheeky wink and a handshake. When they find themselves in said far away land, many Brits are…

Balancing on a log

Ethical spending vs. your sanity: how do you find the balance?

I am developing a Partridge-esque friendship with the attendant of a petrol station I frequent.  Here is a recent conversation. ‘Just these, please.’ ‘Don’t you want a drink?  For another eight pence, you could have a drink on the meal deal.’ ‘I’ve got a bottle of water in the car, thanks.’ ‘But for another eight…

Man Ready

Clever commute? Why I swapped the car for my trainers

I’ve spoken before about my budget workout – a chin up bar, a kettle bell, and 40 minutes to myself at home, vs. an expensive membership of a gym full of parading muscular types in weird lycra outfits. It’s no contest.  As many people juggling family and work commitments are aware, time is precious, and your…



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