Friday 3rd April 2020
Greg Lansdowne

Greg Lansdowne

As the stay-at-home parent of three young children, I have certainly placed more emphasis on keeping a watchful eye on money since the first was born in April 2013. I am a freelance writer and communications professional based in Essex.

The library: a money-saving miracle of Christmas

December has barely begun and already I could fill an article with ideas on how to haemorrhage money whilst attempting to have a ‘holly, jolly Christmas’. From polystyrene cups of mulled wine at £4 to fairground rides for a fiver, you name it – I’ve been fleeced. But kids need entertaining over the festive period…

Toddler Magazine

The many wonders of the toddler magazine

‘Daddy, I wanna magazine.’ Somewhere in the long list of toddler demands (‘Iwananicecream’, ‘I want some sweets’, ‘I want a babychino’ – my, what sophisticated tastes young people have these days) there is one I find hardest to say ‘no’ to. A large part of my formative years were spent devouring the pages of a…

Greg Landowne

Having children saved our new blogger a small fortune! Here’s how.

Kids are a drain on your resources. That’s the popular perception, right? Allow me to counter that argument while I snatch a break from my duties as a father of three (first daughter born in 2013, boy/girl twins arriving in 2014). For a start, I’ve never drunk as little alcohol on the now-rare occasions I…



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