Friday 3rd April 2020
Sophie Robson

Sophie Robson

Mouthy blogger

Sophie is constantly looking for ways to make finance easier for the younger generation. Read her monthly round-ups of what's hot in the world of mobile money apps.

Eight apps that students will love

With the excess and exuberance of Freshers’ Week behind you, you’re coming back down to earth with a bump as you realise it’s still another 10 weeks until your next student loan payment. To help those students who may have overspent and under-budgeted, here are eight of the best apps to eke out every last…


Get fit: get paid

You know the cliché: new year, new you. Early January sees the gyms filling up, the streets full of pavement pounders, and empty fruit and veg aisles, as we look to shed some of the excesses of the holiday season. But, with nearly a third of us abandoning our New Year’s resolution by the second…

Money Apps Children

Four great money management tools for children

With the school summer holidays in full swing, the options for keeping your kids amused are probably fast diminishing. Now might be the time to teach them valuable lessons about money: a proliferation of pre-paid cards and apps which give your children their first taste of financial independence but allow you to monitor their spending.…

Money Saving Apps

Four great apps to help you get a grip on your finances

Finance apps are evolving fast and there is now a whole new subsection of ‘financial assistant’ apps available. They aim to make your life easier by laying your finances out in one place and offering features such as budgeting tools and overdraft reminders, all at the click of a button. But which of these are…

Money App

Four must-have money apps for summer

Let’s face it, whatever service we’re using, these days we want it fast, easy and convenient. We’re no different when managing our money and, ‘appily’, several zippy finance apps for young people are about to launch onto the market. Let’s take a look at a few. Money Box (for saving) Due to launch in June 2016,…



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