Fancy being a Mouthy blogger?

Fancy becoming a Mouthy blogger?

Are you a bit rubbish with money or ground down by the cost of living? Or are you one of those people who finds a saving in everything? Whether you’ve got an axe to grind about the cost of renting, are fed up of financial jargon, or you’ve got some brilliant and original tips on how to make the most of the pound in your pocket – we want to hear from you.


Send us a 500 word sample blog, topic of your choice. The only thing we do ask of you is that your piece is around the angle of how you’re navigating through life’s choppy waters and how that’s impacting you financially. Perhaps you’re trying to pay off a loan, perhaps you’re saving for a deposit on a flat – or maybe you’ve just got divorced. Everyone’s got a story and we could all learn from each other.

We don’t care whether you’ve written before, but a good grasp of English and grammar will go a long way. And we’re not after people who can explain the financial crash in explicit detail – nor are we after you sharing the minutiae of your cash affairs – we just want to put a spotlight on the nation’s feelings about money. No jargon allowed. Once you join the Mouthy Money family, we’d love you to stick around and contribute one blog a week or at least a couple of stories a month.

Still up for it? Send your stories to or contact us by filling out the contact form on this page.

*See our guidelines for bloggers for more details