Wednesday 24th April 2024

Get a tenner when you spend £10 with Curve

Combine all your bank cards into one handy card with the Curve app and get £10 back when you spend your first tenner.

Are you tired of carrying your wallet around? Looking for a solution which lets you manage all your cards in one place securely and at the tap of an app?

Curve brings together all your debit and credit cards into one sleek Curve Card (contactless and compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay).

You can make seamless transactions and unlock a world of benefits: effortlessly track your spending, access the best currency exchange rates, and indulge in cashback rewards.

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Curve has up to 20% cashback on some purchases including Amazon Music (20%), National Express (5%), Waitrose (5%) and more. If you earn cashback on your bank or credit card already you can double it up by using Curve.

Other great features include the ability to go back and switch which card is billed – up to 120 days after your initial purchase.

When you sign up to Curve as a new user and spend £10 you’ll get £10 back.

Curve has several options including a free version (with a £5.99 card delivery fee) and monthly subscriptions that range from £5.99 to £17.99 for the ‘Curve Metal’ card.

Find out more on the Curve website.

This deal is ongoing and at the time publication of has no expiry.

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