Wednesday 24th July 2024

How Argentina lives with 200% inflation

Mouthy Money editor Edmund Greaves is joined by Argentine-American bitcoin educator Trevor Schrock to get to grips with what living with 200%+ inflation is like in Argentina, and whether bitcoin could one day be the solution to the problem.

Argentina is perhaps most famous for its passionate football fans and winning team, its gauchos, big steaks and red wine.

But the country has more recently been making headlines for the wrong reasons, thanks to one of the highest rates of inflation in the world.

In the latest Mouthy Money podcast, host Edmund Greaves caught up with Trevor Schrock, an Argentine-American living in Argentina during the country’s worst inflation crisis of modern times.

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From seeing a litre of beer rise from $6 pesos to over $1,000, to why there’s a “Coldplay” exchange rate, Edmund and Trevor get to grips with how astronomical inflation affects normal people in Argentina – from slumping pay packets to credit card shenanigans and splashing the cash on restaurant dinners.

Trevor explains how the new Argentine government, headed by radical economist Javier Milei, is looking to shrink the size of the state, stop printing money and stabilise the economy to fix its inflation woes.

As a bitcoin educator Trevor also has some insights into how bitcoin could be the solution ot Argentina’s long-held problems.

This episode is the part one of a two part series looking at how extreme inflation affects normal people. Episode two will consider if modern technological solutions such as bitcoin could one day be the answer for failing currencies such as the Argentine peso.

You can hear the full podcast episode on Spotify or Apple.

Photo by Alvaro Camacho.

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