Sunday 20th September 2020

Investing may seem like a difficult thing to get into but it there are some good rules of thumb to help you get started.

Listen to the below podcast where Edmund Greaves, Mouthy Money co-editor, talks to investment platform EQi about investing at different stages of life.

From millennials going all in on stocks, to boomers preparing for income, Greaves takes a big look at the lay of the land, with some key ideas to consider, whether you’re just getting started, or already on the route to retirement.

With thanks to EQi

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Edmund Greaves
Edmund Greaves


Edmund Greaves is a former magazine editor who once blew through his life savings trying to become a millennial Ernest Hemmingway in Central America. In his spare time he mostly enjoys holding the government to account.

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