Thursday 27th February 2020

Tag: money

Are you due free cash?

Throwing money away is the last thing anyone would willingly do. But that’s exactly what millions of us do every year by failing to claim what’s rightfully ours in compensation, rewards, tax breaks and giveaways. There’s plenty of cash up for grabs – you just need to know where to look and how to claim.…


The rise of investing for good – putting your money where your morals are

Everyone needs savings. The all-important rainy day fund is still a must. But once it reaches a healthy size – enough to cover essential outgoings for around six months – it’s right to start thinking about how to make savings work harder. That means investing it. Investments are for the long-term – years into the future. How…


Is influencer marketing immoral? Confessions of an insider

It’s a dreary Tuesday evening and I’m sat on the sofa eating a ready-meal mac ’n’ cheese, watching ‘The One with Ross’s Sandwich’ for the tenth time. I flick through Instagram and watch my favourite influencer ‘unboxing’ the three free parcels she’s been sent today. One by one, she shows off her new jade face…


Introducing our writers

They are students, mothers, artists, job-seekers, office workers, political activists – everyday people facing everyday money challenges.  Meet Mouthy Money’s new writers – they tell stories about their financial lives, dreams, successes and failures. And their words won’t just twang your heartstrings or make you clutch your sides with laughter – though they’ll certainly do…


Saving the planet is bankrupting me

I’m sat in my Mickey Mouse pyjamas in a grump because for the fourth night in a row, I’m dragging a reusable cotton breast pad across my face. It’s been two months since I embarked on finding an alternative to disposable cotton make-up removing pads, and I’m on my fourth ‘reusable’ product in the hope…


My experience of emotional spending

I write about money for a living, but this doesn’t make me perfect when it comes to management of money. Far from it! I am well known for sharing my stories of financial challenges but more importantly how I overcome them and learn for the future. I can offer guidance to others on all sorts…



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