Sunday 23rd February 2020

Tag: mortgage

Why I think the “FIRE Movement” for financial independence is unrealistic

As a blogger I read a lot of online posts and articles about personal finance. A newish trend that has popped up a lot is people writing about financial independence, the FIRE movement. FIRE = financially independent retire early. There are many stories of people who have built up enough savings/investments to generate passive income…


The hidden costs of buying your first home

Buying your first home is one of the most exciting times of your life, but it can also be one of the most stressful. There are endless delays, reams of paperwork to fill in and a load offees and charges you never knew existed. Thankfully, though, if you know they are coming, you can plan…


Money Web Issue #1: your weekly round up of the best of British blogging

There’s an increasingly big and brilliant haul of stories and advice out there about the pounds in our pockets. Each week, we’ll scour the best of the UK’s personal finance blogs and tell you what caught our eye. Monevator For those interested in modern online lenders – the type that are taking borrowers off banks…

Buying Flat

Buying a home: the legal stuff

We’ve made it! This is the last instalment from me on the home-buying process. But first, a recap. After months of gruelling house hunting and putting up with buckets of drivel from estate agents, we finally found a flat. Our offer was accepted, followed by a busy period of choosing a mortgage and booking a…


You’ve bought a home – now you need a mortgage, right?

Congratulations! Your heroic search for a (relatively) affordable home has finally paid off and your offer has been accepted. So, what happens next? Many things, including, but not limited to, applying for a mortgage, choosing a solicitor, and getting a building survey done. M-m-mortgage Now, some buyers may already have a provisional mortgage agreement, called…



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