Wednesday 12th December 2018

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Worldschooling: What is it? Could you do it, too?

If travelling the world with your children and educating them on-the-go – as I have done – sounds appealing, you’re not alone. Parents in every continent have chosen to eschew mainstream education to explore new destinations, either through home schooling, online tuition, or short-term international school placements. For worldschoolers, slow travel and becoming immersed in…


Travelling with your pet? Here’s how to save a fortune

Planning an overseas trip with your furry friend can be a headache, but it is possible to minimise the cost with a little planning ahead. Here’s my guide to getting your pet from A to B with your sanity, and contents of your wallet, intact. Vaccinations Each destination country has its own requirements. You can…


How to explore the UK for less

The UK is full of diversity, with four countries of different cultures, landscapes and people, all offering their own unique experience. It’s not surprising that so many people are desperate to explore it. It’s also not surprising that many people hesitate due to the expensive costs of travel. However, it is entirely possible; you just…

Holiday Scams

Too smart to fall for a holiday scam?

Holiday scams are on the rise. Action Fraud reported a 20% increase in cases of online holiday fraud in 2016, up from 2015. Booking online can be a great way to find a bargain but it does expose us to less-than-savoury characters keen to diddle you out of your hard earned cash. These convincing fraudsters…


Fabulously budget travel tips: Vietnam

Your money goes a long way in Vietnam – making it a great choice for anyone wanting to experience its buzzing cities, tropical beaches, compelling history, and natural beauty without maxing out the credit card. Brits are among a handful of nationalities entitled to a free tourist visa on arrival for visits of up to…

Ghibli Museum

My trip to Tokyo’s famous Ghibli museum!

In February, my new husband and I made a long anticipated trip to Japan for our honeymoon. There were so many things that I desperately wanted to see and do. We managed a number of them, but the trip would not have been complete had we not visited the Ghibli museum in Mitaka, Tokyo. If you…

Japanese Trains

Japan and the super Shinkansen railway

Having parents who divorced in my early childhood, I think it’s fair to say that I have experienced an on-again, off-again relationship with trains. From the days of getting on at York, off at Stevenage, on at King’s Cross, off at York, much of my travel experience as a youngster was viewed from out of…

Fox Village

My trip to Fox Village, Japan

From hedgehog cafes, to islands literally full of cats and rabbits that will chase you to be fed, there are many places in Japan that will make you squeal at just how darn cute they are! One of those places is Fox Village in Shiroishi, Miyagi prefecture. During my ten day (eight, actually, if you…

Invest in Life

Invest in yourself; invest in life

People question investment all the time. Where is best to invest? Is it in stock? Is it in property? I think one of the best places to invest, is in yourself! For months, I found myself looking at drones. Did I want one? Yes. Could I afford one? Possibly. But did I want to invest…



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