Wednesday 1st April 2020

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“Huel be surprised how well it works”

A couple of years ago, I started noticing advertisements for a ‘meal substitute’, appealingly named Huel. At first I didn’t think much of it; plenty of people get offended by advertisements popping up on their social media feeds, apparently unaware that this is par for the course with any product or service purporting to be…

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Don’t fall for the “new season” food fad

With March and April nearly behind us, we’ve survived the “hungry gap”, that hiatus between winter and spring when UK-grown produce is most limited and least interesting. Yet we’ve done the winter food thing and we’re looking forward impatiently to full-throated spring and summer. As in mainland Europe, where the arrival of spring is celebrated…


Stockpiling food for a no-deal Brexit: sensible or silly?

No one really knows what’s happening with dare-I-mention-it Brexit, but I think it’s safe to assume at this point that there’s a very real possibility we will leave with no-deal. In anticipation of no deal, some UK citizens have been prepping by stockpiling food and other items because there might be interference in supplies from…


Why you should only tip for good service

You’re out for dinner with your partner’s friends and as you finish off your chocolate bomb with the remainder of three bottles of Malbec, your waiter leans in. “Can I get you anything else,” he asks. “Just the bill please,” you reply. Suddenly you start to sweat. Did you bring any cash? You reach for…


Think “small plates” equal small prices? Think again!

As part of the revolt against three-course meals, lots of restaurants have miniaturised their menus in the form of “small plates”. Unlike the French and the Italians, who still make time for languorous, multi-course eating occasions, fewer Brits believe that they have time for the relative formality of more conventional meals. That’s why small plates,…


“I admit it, those annoying bulk buyers were right all along”

I never used to understand people who bought groceries in bulk, those “savvy shoppers” whose spare room or garage – yes, they all live in roomy homes – was stacked high with tinned tomatoes, tuna and toilet roll. They all owned cars, naturally, so the prospect of lugging back heavy shopping on the bus didn’t…


Weird things people have eaten completely by accident

I’m sitting in bed reading my Kindle, minding my own business. There’s an annoying fly that has been buzzing around for the last half an hour, threatening to land on me every three seconds. My husband eyes me as though I have a nervous twitch because I keep trying to swat it away from my…



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