Sunday 19th May 2024

The Mouthy Money Podcast

No money topic is too big or too small. Welcome to the Mouthy Money Podcast, hosted by Edmund Greaves

The Mouthy Money Podcast launched in 2023 to bring a deeper, thoughtful look at the world of personal finance, money, business and a range of other topics.

Since launch, host Edmund Greaves has looked at wide-ranging topics from running a small business to climbing Kilimanjaro; Why private equity is ruining vets to 200% inflation in Argentina; How bitcoin could solve inflation to why financial education matters.

No financial topic is too big or too small for the Mouthy Money podcast.

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Why can’t I hold bitcoin in an ISA?

This week we’re joined by Tom Bailey, head of research at Han ETF. Tom speaks to host Edmund Greaves about the world of ETFs, including gold and other asset classes, now available to investors through the investment vehicle.

He also digs into why normal investors in the UK can’t hold bitcoin ETFs thanks to intransigence from the UK’s financial regulator.

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Being chased for energy bill debts by Michael Jackson

This week’s guest is university lecturer and author Dennis Duncan, who recounts a personal story to host Edmund Greaves about how he was hounded for thousands of unpaid energy bills he didn’t owe after his energy provider went bust, and how he beat the debt collectors who were chasing him.

But strangest of all in the tale, is how the debt collectors signed off their threatening letters with a signature that looked suspiciously like that of late pop star Michael Jackson. Dennis explains what happened and how he beat the debt collectors at their own game.

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Could financial education solve the pensions crisis?

Could financial education solve the pensions crisis? This is the extraordinary possibility which Sarah Marks, chief executive of financial education charity RedSTART suggests this week when she caught up with host Edmund Greaves. Sarah shares the latest findings from RedSTART’s multi-year education study as well as some surprising insights into why we’re in such a collective fix with our retirement savings.

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Mouthy Money book competitions

Join host Edmund Greaves and Francesca Giacomin for a quick catch-up on recent news and what’s coming up at Mouthy Money. We even let slip the title of our next book giveaway and the name of an exciting upcoming podcast guest! Tune in to catch all the details!

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How rich is rich?

Our concept of wealth is a constantly moving barrier. As we earn and save more, the idea that we might now be ‘rich’ seems difficult to comprehend. But how much would really be the level at which money makes us rich?

Join host Edmund Greaves as he’s joined by MRM’s head of consumer finance Chris Tuite, who details the findings of the Money Matters Index report – and puts an exact number on exactly how much money makes us rich, according to us.

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Robinhood and the tumultuous retail investing boom

The meme stock boom of the pandemic might be over, but are small-time investors is still thriving? The arrival of US-bases Robinhood in the UK is a timely reminder of just how many options there are for Brits looking to invest their savings.

But with so many options are these firms stable enough to survive, let alone thrive, in tumultuous investment markets?

Mouthy Money podcast host Edmund Greaves is joined by chief executive of Fundscape, Bella Caridade-Ferreira and Chris Tuite, head of consumer finance at MRM, to unpick the investment platform market and why we’re nowhere near a potential saturation point.

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Where do interest rates go now?

Remortgagers are facing a big question now that rates look set to start falling as inflation eases. In the latest edition of the Mouthy Money podcast, contributing editor Paul Thomas chats to Perry Graves, mortgage broker at Tembo Money to find out what people should do.

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Myron & Ed – Spring Budget 2024 and end of the tax year

Host Edmund Greaves and ii financial expert Myron Jobson are back to dissect Jeremy Hunt’s Spring Budget 2024, highlighting the key announcements and what they mean for our finances. Plus, Myron explains last-minute tax year considerations, including capital gains tax changes and more.

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The true cost of climbing Kilimanjaro

Mouthy Money podcast host Edmund Greaves recounts his recent experience climbing Kilimanjaro for charity, following on from his article about the costs involved with planning a trek up Africa’s highest mountain.

From vaccines to M-Pesa, acclimatising to the gear for summiting – there’s a multitude of money aspects to think of before you climb.

Joined by Argentine-American bitcoin educator and friend of the podcast Trevor Schrock.

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Review: The Everything Token by Steve Kaczynski and Scott Duke Kominers

Crypto and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been on a wild ride in the past few years.

Edmund Greaves and Francesca Giacomin review a new book, ‘The Everything Token’ by Steve Kaczynski and Scott Duke Kominers which delves into the world of NFT technology. Mouthy Money is giving away one of three copies, find out more how to win one by listening in.

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Cash is dying. Should we save it?

Cash is dying out as a form of payment. But is it worth saving? Host Edmund Greaves talks to Martin Quinn from the Payment Choice Alliance on why cash matters, and why it might be making a comeback as a payment option.

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Look at the state of the mortgage market

Are you remortgaging this year? The home loan market is a minefield at the moment. Host Edmund Greaves catches up with colleague and mortgage aficionado Paul Thomas on how we got to the current situation and what anyone who is looking to remortgage should consider right now.

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Myron & Ed: Budget preview – the tax measures to watch out for

In this month’s Myron & Ed team up, the guys preview the upcoming Budget in March, including what they THINK will be in the Budget, what they WANT and the controversial tax Ed would like to see in his wildest dreams…

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Beware the cowboy will writers

You’ve heard of cowboy builders, but did you know cowboy will writers were a thing? Join host Edmund Greaves as he uncovers the scourge of dodgy will writing with Sarah Manuel of professional body STEP, to find out how a bad will could cost you thousands.

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Six key trends in finance

Could AI solve the advice gap? This is one of six key trends highlighted by fintech entrepreneur Anthony Morrow, who joins host Edmund Greaves to discuss major changes coming for financial services and consumers this year.

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Could bitcoin solve the world’s inflation problems?

With rampant inflation, should we consider a return to the gold standard? Or is the future of money shaped by innovative financial technologies like bitcoin? Host Edmund Greaves digs into how bitcoin works with bitcoin educator Trevor Schrock, and whether it could change how the world’s financial system works.

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Myron & Ed: Mortgage rates, the cost of Kilimanjaro and New Year’s resolutions

In episode two of Myron & Ed’s monthly money podcast Edmund Greaves, editor of Mouthy Money, and Myron Jobson, personal finance expert at interactive investor dig what’s happening to mortgage rates, the real cost of climbing Kilimanjaro, and important New Year’s financial resolutions.

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Is Blue Monday real?

Is Blue Monday a real thing, or just a concoction to encourage people to buy holidays? Edmund Greaves chats to MRM’s Chris Tuite to look at ‘Blue Monday’s’ origins and questionable motives – but ponders whether it might actually be worthwhile despite the PR spin.

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How Argentina lives with 200% inflation

Mouthy Money editor Edmund Greaves is joined by Argentine-American bitcoin educator Trevor Schrock to get to grips with what living with 200%+ inflation is like in Argentina, and whether bitcoin could one day be the solution to the problem.

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Why financial education matters – part two

Join Edmund Greaves for a thought-provoking discussion with Sarah Marks, CEO of RedSTART Educate in the second part of our series on why financial education matters.

In this episode, Ed and Sarah delve into the landscape of financial education, examining the importance of providing individuals with essential financial literacy skills.

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Ed and Myron: our financial lives and the Autumn Statement 2023

We’re very excited this week to launch a brand new collaboration on the Mouthy Money podcast. Editor Edmund Greaves and interactive investor personal finance expert Myron Jobson have teamed up to create a brand new series of longer-form podcasts on the Mouthy Money podcast channel.

In the first edition, Myron and Ed dig into their own backgrounds to consider some of the things that have shaped their money lives, including hardworking mums, becoming dads and the lessons they’ve learned from their own mistakes and experiences with money.

They also round up some of the big news from November’s Autumn Statement and how this could affect your money in 2024. Stay tuned and subscribe to our podcast channels to hear more from them in the coming months!

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Why financial education matters – part one

Editor Edmund Greaves chats with financial journalist and children’s book author Sonia Rach to explore the importance of starting early with kids, who learn financial habits as early as age seven.

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The Young Money report

Welcome to Episode 10 of the Mini Money Podcast! Join our host, editor Edmund Greaves, alongside our guest, Chris Tuite, MRM Director and Head of Consumer Finance.

In this episode, we explore the recently released ‘The Young Money Report,’ an MRM report in collaboration with Mouthy Money.

Gain valuable insights as Ed and Chris discuss key findings and explore how industry experts reacted to the findings.

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Diary of an SME owner

Episode 9 of Mini Money Podcast, featuring the small business owner and Mouthy Money columnist Michael Taggart.

We dive into Michael’s personal finance background and his journey to running his own small business MDTea.

Plus we find out what he’d do if he won the lottery, and what he’d do as Chancellor for the day.

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The problem with vets

‘The Problem with Vets’ delves into the soaring expenses of veterinary care.

Join us as we dissect the CMA’s investigation and unravel the complex connection between pet owners, private equity, and your furry friend’s well-being.

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Emergency funds

Francesca and Edmund tackle the essentials of personal finance amid some unexpected background drilling noise.

It’s not your typical podcast interference; we’re just “drilling down” on the money matters!

They’ll guide you through building an emergency fund, spill the beans on surprising inflation trends, and share the top Money Blogs of the Week from Mouthy Money.

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Financial goals

Join Francesca and Ed in the latest episode of the Mini Money Podcast for an engaging discussion: Francesca and Ed define the financial term of the week, “portfolio,” and delve into its significance in personal finance.

Ed answers essential questions about financial goal setting, risk assessment, tax considerations, asset allocation, and the role of financial advisors in portfolio management. Discover two thought-provoking blogs from Mouthy Money: “How to make money from retail deal arbitrage” by Nick Daws and “Project Mbappe: what are the true costs of making your child a sport star?” by Barnaby Sargent Megicks.

Stay updated with the latest financial news highlights courtesy of Ed. Don’t miss out on this informative episode! Tune in to gain valuable insights into managing your finances effectively. Remember to like, subscribe, and hit the notification bell to stay updated with the Mini Money Podcast.

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Rising interest rates

Join Francesca, your host, and our Mouthy Money Editor, Edmund Greaves, as they dive into the fascinating world of finance and money management.

In this episode, we start with our “Word of the Week,” where we demystify the term “interest rates.” Ed shares his insights and answers some burning questions, including how interest rates vary among UK savings accounts.

Get ready for some valuable tips on leveraging rising interest rates for your investments and understanding the impact of inflation on your savings and investments.

But that’s not all! We also discuss the latest Mouthy Money blog articles, including an exciting opportunity to get your will written for free in October. Trust us; you won’t want to miss this important financial advice.

And in our “Must Know Money News” segment, Ed delves into the hot topic of Inheritance tax abolition, asking whether it will truly save the richest £1 million. As always, Ed provides his expert insights to help you navigate the complex world of finance. Be sure to check out the full articles on the Mouthy Money website for even more in-depth information.

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The Money Mole

Welcome to another exciting episode of the Mini Money Podcast!

Join your host, Francesca, and Mouthy Money Editor Ed Greaves as they dive into the world of personal finance and introduce the enigmatic Money Mole!

In this lively episode, they kick things off with the Word of the Week: “liability.” Ever wondered how personal liabilities impact your financial journey? They’ve got the answers!

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Pension Awareness Week

In this episode, we celebrate Pension Awareness Week by delving into the world of pensions with our financial expert, Ed, and host Francesca.

Discover the ins and outs of pensions, types of pension plans, government’s role, and much more. Ed answers key questions, offering valuable insights and tips for better financial planning.

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Intro to Mini Money

Welcome to the Mini Money Podcast, your weekly financial knowledge boost! Are you tired of feeling lost in the financial jargon jungle?

Look no further! Join us every week as we dive into the world of money and make it simple for you. In each episode, we’ll take a deep dive into a different financial word or concept, breaking it down into plain and understandable terms that anyone can grasp.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting on your financial journey, we’ve got you covered. But that’s not all!

We’ll also keep you in the loop with the latest financial blogs of the week, offering insights and tips to help you make informed decisions about your money.

Plus, we’ll bring you up-to-date with any other relevant financial news that you need to know. Stay informed, stay empowered, and stay financially savvy with the Mini Money Podcast. Subscribe now, and let’s make finance easy and fun together!

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