Thursday 27th February 2020

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The rise of investing for good – putting your money where your morals are

Everyone needs savings. The all-important rainy day fund is still a must. But once it reaches a healthy size – enough to cover essential outgoings for around six months – it’s right to start thinking about how to make savings work harder. That means investing it. Investments are for the long-term – years into the future. How…


A beginner’s guide to investing – part one: should you get advice?

By Hayley Millhouse Head of Advisory Services, evestor Let’s face it, investing can seem less than thrilling. There are far more exciting things to spend your money on, such as holidays or a nice new car. But there comes a point when you’ve got to stop listening to your inner teenager and plan for the…


New theme-based app allows users to trade for free

An investment app has launched to allow savers to trade for free in firms that match their lifestyles, interests and beliefs. Wombat Invest, which is available on both iOS and Android devices, allows investors to choose from up to 15 carefully curated theme-based portfolios that appeal to a wide range of interests. They include: ●     …


Emma Leaven and the rebalancing act

This cartoon is part of a series of graphic strips by Steve Bee, author of the Pension Guru cartoons. Join Emma and her family as they muddle through life puzzling over any-and-all things personal finance.

Invest in Life

Invest in yourself; invest in life

People question investment all the time. Where is best to invest? Is it in stock? Is it in property? I think one of the best places to invest, is in yourself! For months, I found myself looking at drones. Did I want one? Yes. Could I afford one? Possibly. But did I want to invest…

Women Investing

Why aren’t women investing?

When you think of the word ‘investor’, what image comes to mind? Is it men and briefcases? The overwhelming evidence among millennials, and women in particular, is that they do not feel that investing is for them or that it is even accessible. One thing that has become abundantly clear since I started my new…


Money Web Issue #1: your weekly round up of the best of British blogging

There’s an increasingly big and brilliant haul of stories and advice out there about the pounds in our pockets. Each week, we’ll scour the best of the UK’s personal finance blogs and tell you what caught our eye. Monevator For those interested in modern online lenders – the type that are taking borrowers off banks…

Wedding Band

Wedding bands: which metal is best for you?

Last week my fiancé and I received our wedding rings in the post. They’re nine carat rose gold, and we found them on Etsy; they’re made by the wonderful Karen Johnson. They feel very solid, and I am awestruck by their shininess! I almost don’t want to have to put them through the wear and tear of…


Charity begins at home: how to decorate on a budget

Starting out is an emotional rollercoaster of highs, lows, and intense worries. The highs can be euphoric; you’re finally going to get a place you can call ‘home’, you’ve reached that age where you need to invest in what the golden oldies refer to as ‘life necessities’. There is something about buying your first washing…



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