Sunday 29th March 2020

Tag: exercise

Anger management: how flipping tyres will help you chill

The new year is meant to signal the start of a “new you” but when Bacardi’s still crashing through your veins, and you’re sweating pure stollen, you feel less like trying Tai Chi and more like punching people in the back of the head as your waistband crushes your inner organs.  So it’s perhaps perfect…


Introducing our writers

They are students, mothers, artists, job-seekers, office workers, political activists – everyday people facing everyday money challenges.  Meet Mouthy Money’s new writers – they tell stories about their financial lives, dreams, successes and failures. And their words won’t just twang your heartstrings or make you clutch your sides with laughter – though they’ll certainly do…


January is a bad month to become a healthier you – here’s why

It’s January again, the month of food angst, apathy, and opportunism. We’re carrying more weight than we’d like. Dark days and seasonal illness make us sluggish. Dreaded tax returns and bills beckon. And this miscellany of midwinter delights is underpinned by an all too familiar new year reality: January is a very long month, and…


Embracing lagom – the biggest Scandi trend since hygge

Forget hygge, ignore ikigai – 2019 is all about lagom (yay, another Scandinavian word we can’t pronounce). Roughly translating as ‘not too much, not too little, just right’, lagom is the art of living frugally, which is a pretty essential life skill if, like me, you’ve still got a £9,000 student loan to repay. Lagom…


2018 – the year I gave up public transport in London

In January this year, I moved for the fourth time in two years. Not through choice – I was happy where I was – but because my lovely landlord needed his flat back, and my other two flatmates were buying their first flats. Given how much I hate moving house, I decided to live in…


Are you running indoors? You’re wasting money! (And other savings tips).

Mid-January is the time of slowly diminishing New Year’s Resolutions. It’s a scientific fact that changing behaviours in any significant way goes against human nature. However, even the smallest of changes can make a big impact, on both your health and your wallet. Here’s some suggestions. Breakfast Let me just start by stating the obvious,…



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