Friday 28th February 2020

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The four ways mothers are financially penalised

A mother’s work is never done and she doesn’t even get paid for much of it either. This weekend it’s Mothering Sunday, a day on which we traditionally celebrate mothers and all the crap they put up with for the sake of the preservation of mankind. While it’s nice to receive a bunch of chrysanthemums…


Why our ‘gig economy’ needs a Universal Basic Income

The ‘gig economy’ is thriving in Britain right now. Companies that initially sold themselves as ‘a bit of extra money on the side’, such as Uber and Deliveroo, are increasingly providing the bulk of some people’s income. I took a degree in illustration and would love to be able to pursue it full time one day.…


Thinking of going freelance? These are the key financial considerations

Ditching your job and setting up our own businesses is the ultimate dream for many of us. But, while ditching the morning commute might seem attractive, being your own boss is no walk in the park. Going it alone requires an enormous amount of planning and organisation and, arguably, you need to be even better…


Bullying and harassment in the workplace: Can 2018 be the turning point?

You’ll all remember the headlines about Weinstein, Spacey and Stafford-Clark. Many of us will have experienced first-hand harassment and/or bullying in the workplace – whatever industry we’re in – where predators take advantage of their positions of power. The UK theatre industry is rapidly drawing up codes of conducts and guidelines, and the powers that…


2018 – the year I gave up public transport in London

In January this year, I moved for the fourth time in two years. Not through choice – I was happy where I was – but because my lovely landlord needed his flat back, and my other two flatmates were buying their first flats. Given how much I hate moving house, I decided to live in…


Why you should join a union

In the United Kingdom, trade union membership is falling, it’s down from 25% in 2014, to just 23.5% in 2016 – making up just 6.2 million members. It’s at the lowest that it’s ever been since its peek in 1995 which saw over 13 million people signed up for collective representation. Yet, in a climate of…



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