Sunday 29th March 2020

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Budget Bangkok

Should you ever find yourself in Thailand’s dazzling, chaotic and beguiling capital city for more than the iconic ‘one night’, save some cash with these tips. You’ll have some Thai Baht to spare for delicious street food, cocktails in rooftop bars and the all-important sightseeing. Getting around Using Bangkok’s network of river taxis means less…


Nadia Nadif: A Brit Abroad

I’ve just come back from my first experience of touring in the Middle East. I was part of a three-hander comedy about buying and selling cars for a corporate theatre job. It was a gift of a job, full of opportunities. Here are some of my musings since I got back… 1) The Middle East…


Rainy holidays? Rubbish – it’s just the Green Season!

Rainy seasons, rather unfairly, in my view, get a bad press. The phrase invokes images of storm-whipped palm trees, evacuations and TV news reporters being swept away in freak winds, live on air. The reality (often nothing more hazardous than a warm afternoon downpour) is that you’ll find fewer crowds and you’ll see a big…


How to explore the UK for less

The UK is full of diversity, with four countries of different cultures, landscapes and people, all offering their own unique experience. It’s not surprising that so many people are desperate to explore it. It’s also not surprising that many people hesitate due to the expensive costs of travel. However, it is entirely possible; you just…

Fox Village

My trip to Fox Village, Japan

From hedgehog cafes, to islands literally full of cats and rabbits that will chase you to be fed, there are many places in Japan that will make you squeal at just how darn cute they are! One of those places is Fox Village in Shiroishi, Miyagi prefecture. During my ten day (eight, actually, if you…

Comfortable Flights

Long haul flights: it’s the little things

Having recently been to Japan, I experienced my first long-haul flight in almost a decade. As you might expect, the flight was one of the lesser enjoyable aspects of an otherwise amazing trip. However, as this was the first time I’d ever made such a long trip (14 hours on a plane – hurrah!) without…

Pod Capsule

Pod hotels: a sensible convenience or an idea from a dystopian novel?

I recently went travelling across central and (slightly) northern Japan with my new husband. I must confess, as someone who had not been out of the United Kingdom for around six years (not for lack of wanting to, but rather for lack of the funds), I am not a seasoned traveller. All the previous country hopping…

Storm Insurance

Travel insurance: What to do when a natural disaster strikes on holiday

I was stranded in Bangkok after floods in Thailand. Here’s what I learned: Weather happens. You can’t predict an act of God. We know this, but you still don’t really think it’s going to happen to you, not on your holidays, and not after you scrimped and saved all year for your dream break on…

Budget Hotel

Budget hotels: does ‘no frills’ mean ‘no thrills’?

I’m currently staying in a Premier Inn, and I’m loving it. The purple neon and budget status didn’t put me off. At less than 50 GBP per night for a family room, it’s a bargain. It’s not the best view I have ever had, granted but the essentials are all here – free wifi, spotless room, obliging…



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