Sunday 23rd February 2020

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You can’t know someone until you live with them

Living with people you don’t know is not unusual per se. In London, insane rent and a constant influx of new people make it an inevitability for many. This was the case for me. I am very lucky to know friends all over my beloved city. But I spent much of my early twenties broke…


Why an extortionate night at the opera means we should bring in rent control

Lots of outrage was sparked this week when it was revealed that tickets to the highly-sought-after performance of La Forza Del Destino at the Royal Opera were selling for as much as £3,435 each on the ticket re-selling site, Viagogo. Tickets with a cover price of around £125. The demand for seats at London’s operatic…


Introducing our writers

They are students, mothers, artists, job-seekers, office workers, political activists – everyday people facing everyday money challenges.  Meet Mouthy Money’s new writers – they tell stories about their financial lives, dreams, successes and failures. And their words won’t just twang your heartstrings or make you clutch your sides with laughter – though they’ll certainly do…


How to be a savvy renter

Over five million households in the UK are in private rented accommodation and, with the increasing number of people renting their homes, it shows no signs of slowing down. Whether you are a seasoned renter or are new to the world of renting, it’s really important to make sure you know your rights as a…


The end of letting fees?

It’s not often you read good news in the world of finance, but I was recently surprised and delighted to read that the huge fees imposed on tenants to rent a property may soon be a thing of the past. According to Government proposals published on Wednesday Nov 1, letting agents and landlords could face…


(Sub) Let It Go! I rent out my room while I’m away on acting jobs

I’m currently in the Middle East acting in a comedy about car salesmanship. I know nothing about cars – I describe a car by its colour!  But it will be an adventure to visit three brand new countries (she says, googling ‘what is Jordan like for the working woman’ / ‘what is the risk of…

Ethical Renting

Is ethical renting the way forward?

The property market in south east England has a reputation for being prosperous – unless you are trying to rent, in which case it can be a minefield, with agency fees and extortionate rent prices. I spoke to Jennifer Elliott, who recently founded Silver Birch, about how they are trying to change the current landscape…


Money Web Issue #1: your weekly round up of the best of British blogging

There’s an increasingly big and brilliant haul of stories and advice out there about the pounds in our pockets. Each week, we’ll scour the best of the UK’s personal finance blogs and tell you what caught our eye. Monevator For those interested in modern online lenders – the type that are taking borrowers off banks…

Clutter Clearout

Clear out for cash: making a little money out of a bad situation

We, as people, and especially millennials, often have to get used to the fact that the place we call ‘home’ usually isn’t a permanent one, and that moving from time to time – unpleasant though it may be – is inevitable. But what to do if you have too much stuff? Parting with cherished items…



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