Sunday 29th March 2020

Tag: diy

Wedding Flowers

Wedding budget wonders: cutting the cost of your centrepieces

Like with literally everything else, as soon as you put the word ‘wedding’ with ‘flowers’, all of a sudden you’re forking out hundreds (if not thousands) of pounds for centrepieces that you’re going to use for one day. Flowers are something I enjoy having in the house, but they’re not something that I’m all that…

Tax Return

New year: new tax return resolutions!

I have a confession to make. On New Year’s eve I had intended to go out, drink a bit, drag my fiancé out to see the New Year in with an old friend, and everything else that you might expect to do to bring 2016’s season of festivities to a close. Instead, what did I do?…

Confidence Boost

Give your career a well needed confidence boost!

A few months ago, I wrote about impostor syndrome and how it could impact your earning. Talking recently with a colleague about my career aspirations and how I’d like to move more into a writing based role, these words came out of my mouth… ‘I assumed I’d have to look for internal jobs as no one…

Craft Fair

Booking a craft fair stall? Here are your checklist musts

When you first start selling your crafts and designs it can be all too tempting to just jump in – after all, you win some, you lose some, right? But you should be aware that where money is involved, there are also plenty of people willing to take advantage of you – the unsuspecting prospective…

DIY Costumes

DIY costumes for kids

I have no talent whatsoever when it comes to crafty tasks but sometimes, when your children’s school gives you two days notice for a dressing-up day, needs must. So gather your scissors and sticky tape, and read on… I made a cute pumpkin costume for my son using a strong piece of cardboard, orange material…

Handmade Business

The business of selling handmade

When it comes to selling handmade, traders generally fall into two categories – those who do it for a hobby, and those who want to make a business out of it. If you just want a little hobby – crocheting with your buddies midweek, and then selling at the weekends (possibly on the off chance…

Fire Hydrant

Here’s how a safe and healthy home can save you money

There are three main rules of parenting, some are easier to achieve than others. The first is to feed them, which I try to do with at least lip service to nutrition and with something vaguely resembling regularity. The second rule is to make sure they get enough sleep. Sleep evaded us for the first…

Gardening Inside Happiness

Plants: a cheap and cheerful happiness booster

When I was younger I used to (and still do) dream of having a small garden – somewhere to grow things; a little slice of nature outside my home. However, as time presses on, housing becomes more and more expensive, and an increasing number of people are finding themselves squished into concrete ‘urban jungles’, the…

Gardening Self-sufficient

Ever thought of sharing your garden? Now renters can reap the benefits

When life’s filled with unpredictable financial instability, being as self-sufficient as possible can help. For private tenants, the possibility of moving house is always on the cards, and I know I’m not the only one sick to death of renting. How did I deal with this stressful situation? I dealt with it by gardening, and…



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