Friday 29th May 2020
Amy Rowe

Amy Rowe

Mouthy Blogger

Ex journo now digital PR person who is okay at running and bad at saving.

Why you should have heard about #Foodbankadvent

Heard of #foodbankadvent yet? No? Well, listen up. This Christmas, Mouthy Money is taking part in the reverse advent calendar challenge. Instead of buying a calendar to countdown the days in chocolate until 25th December, we’ll be putting a new food or toiletry item into a box to give to our local food bank. This…

How much does a hearing loss hold you back?

Long read: What’s the true cost of a hearing loss?

Is there a way to accurately count the true cost of a disability? I’ve often wondered whether ‘I coulda been a contender,’ had I not been born half deaf. It is a phrase I’ve always joked about when I think about how my hearing loss might have affected my career and future earnings. Did being…


How to get married-stress free and on a budget

Weddings don’t have to cost the earth or take over your entire life. If you and your partner can think outside the box and get creative, you’ll reap the rewards. I’m getting married. Sound the klaxons! No, seriously, it’s kind of a big deal because when I was 10 I signed a contract to state…

Dating relationships money

Baby I got your money: how much should couples share?

‘Not tonight, love. I’m tired.’ That was me last week, talking to my marginally better half, Ed. We weren’t talking about youknowwhat though. We were talking about our household budget. Sexy. Sometime ago, Ed helped me manage my finances to bring me out of a £2,000 overdraft. It worked out well for him too because…

Storm Insurance

Travel insurance: What to do when a natural disaster strikes on holiday

I was stranded in Bangkok after floods in Thailand. Here’s what I learned: Weather happens. You can’t predict an act of God. We know this, but you still don’t really think it’s going to happen to you, not on your holidays, and not after you scrimped and saved all year for your dream break on…


Mouthy Money competition, your chance to win a fabulously free lunch!

We’re holding our first competition! Turns out there is such a thing as a free lunch! Follow Mouthy Money on Twitter or like us on Facebook, and post your BEST MONEY SAVING TIP for the chance to win a slap up meal to the value of £80! Whether you’re posting on Twitter or Facebook, you must remember to…


Five ways to spend all of your money on coffee

I know what you’re thinking: ‘I don’t need help with this one, I do it all by myself.’ But I still think I’ve got more skin in the game than you do, so without further ado. 1. Find a hipster coffee shop near your office This is because nine times out of ten they’ll be marginally…

Shopping Brexit food

Will the cost of your food shop go up due to Brexit?

Let me be clear: I drink a lot of wine. Mostly Spanish red wine, to be precise. Shortly after the EU Ref results came out I was struck with, well, lots of bad feelings, but one of which was ‘how much is my Rioja going to cost now?’ Being a creature of habit, I do…



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