Sunday 29th March 2020
Amy Rowe

Amy Rowe

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Ex journo now digital PR person who is okay at running and bad at saving.

Coverack Harbour Cornwall

Fabulously budget travel tips: Cornwall

I go to Cornwall every year for a family holiday. We’ve got a lot of family down there so it’s become something of a pilgrimage. It’s also, despite the six hour drive to get there, one of the easiest holidays you could ever take. This year’s trip had the added bonus that I didn’t have…


Economically infertile? What a load of old rubbish

I’ve been toying with writing this for a while. Not that long ago, journalist Daisy Buchanan said she was economically infertile, or, as she puts it, ‘too poor to push.’ At 31, she says that she and her husband cannot afford kids. She writes in detail about living in London, where, as she says, the…


14 amazing things you learn about money in your twenties

Your student loan wasn’t free. Once you’ve earned over a certain amount (details on differing thresholds here) you’ll start paying it back. You never see the cash either since it comes straight out of your payslip as if… as if it was never there at all. Which is nice. Your overdraft is not free either.…


DIY disasters: why it’s time to stop putting off the odd jobs

If you’re anything like me, you spent your bank holiday lying in bed thinking up excuses to get out of DIY. The wardrobe doors you’ve had for a year without any handles, the broken slat at the bottom of the cupboard, that mysterious and slightly worrying patch of damp appearing on the living room wall…it’s…


Why you should never borrow money from a friend

I borrowed money off a friend once. It wasn’t an astronomical amount, just £600, but it cost me a lot more in the end. I’ve always had a distrust of credit cards. I saw taking credit as a legitimate first step towards stealing cars and ending up in drug-fuelled spiral of despair on the outskirts…


How much does it cost to run a marathon?

It’s long been said that running is one of the cheapest ways of keeping fit, after all, all you have to do is stick your trainers on and leave the house. But what if you decide to take your jogging to the next level and run a race, how much will that set you back?…



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