Friday 28th February 2020
Anne Hutchison

Anne Hutchison

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York-based artist. Of the baby boomer gen, loves yoga and hates overpriced travel. Freelancer with a lust for life.

Horse Racing

Anne’s day at the races

Ever wondered what a day at the races is like? Well, it’s definitely not the way to improve your economic outlook – unless you are one of the few true cognoscenti. But here’s how it goes… For a start, it’s all geared towards the benefit of the bookies, the racecourse and various others to keep…


Recycling rage? Sometimes saving the planet is an expensive business

What a game this recycling is turning into. Here I am, yours truly, a very keen recyclist (is that a word?) While I use lots of rubbish to make pieces of fine art, with all other rubbish I have to admit defeat and commit to the recycling pile in my cupboard. All the time I am hoping that…


Cash cow: how I got a new garden for free thanks to Mother Nature

Living in York means that you aren’t ever very far from the glorious Yorkshire countryside, a fact we were reminded of very recently. My partner David lives on the edge of farming land and can enjoy city and country equally. This all seems idyllic until the country invades the city. We had been out all…

Tall House

‘I downsized – without moving home!’

When I sold my house in London to move to York in 1998, I bought a substantially bigger house for only half the money. That meant I had no mortgage and manageable living costs ‘oop North’ – as well as plenty of space and, as I soon worked out, the possibility of using it eventually…

Red Hair

Cutting costs: the ongoing expense of keeping a hairstyle

Hair is an ongoing expense in most people’s lives. If you have it you need to take care of it and make it ever more beautiful, or at least maintain it. If you don’t have it, you often feel you need to compensate.  It’s a double-edged sword. My tale starts in 1995, when I stopped…

Lego Men

Do you know a builder like Alan?

Tradesmen and women sometimes get a bad rep for cutting corners or charging too much. But, in my experience, this isn’t necessarily fair. Last year I won a ‘customer of the year’ prize from my builder. I have called him ‘Alan’ here, not his real name, but he knows who he is. It’s like having…


Your pension: think now…to avoid scammers later

When I was in my early twenties, my younger sister had a visit at home from a financial advisor. I was quite taken aback and wondered why she would want to talk to someone about pensions when she was that young.  It really bothered me, specially because suddenly the world seemed full of financial advisers…

Train Tickets

Buying train tickets online? Why I’d rather have good customer service

When I need a train ticket I go to the station. I’ve linked to it, because I thought you ought to see York station so you can appreciate why I might like to go there, instead of finding tickets online. I know this seems painfully old fashioned but there are several reasons for wanting to…



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