Friday 3rd April 2020
Danielle Hodgeon

Danielle Hodgeon

Twenty-Something newly wed, design lead, blogger, & bunny mama of two. Eating, tweeting & instagramming my way around Manchester.


Budgeting: this is how we do it

We’ve always been pretty good with money. This is less down to good organisation and more down to being responsible, and the fact that my husband hates getting his wallet out. For as long as I can remember, we’ve been saving towards some sort of big goal – whether that’s buying a house, getting married…

Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes: slice the price

I mentioned recently that the cost of a good old wedding in the UK averaged out at just over £20k back in 2016 which, when you think about it, is an absolutely crazy price to pay for what is, at most, a weekend of celebrations. Back when we were shopping around for cakes, I contacted…

Wedding Flowers

Wedding budget wonders: cutting the cost of your centrepieces

Like with literally everything else, as soon as you put the word ‘wedding’ with ‘flowers’, all of a sudden you’re forking out hundreds (if not thousands) of pounds for centrepieces that you’re going to use for one day. Flowers are something I enjoy having in the house, but they’re not something that I’m all that…


Tips on planning a beautifully budget wedding

With the average UK wedding coming in at just over £20k in 2016, it’s easy to wonder if getting married is worth all the money. I’m here to share my money saving tips for wedding planning, as I worked hard to almost half that figure without loosing all the frills! Plan that budget The first…



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