Monday 30th March 2020
Drew Guppy

Drew Guppy

Mouthy blogger

Somerset man lost in London. Trying to get a bit less woeful with money.


Mortgage madness: confessions of a millennial on the property ladder

Good post-Brexit day to you today. How is Armageddon going for you? Don’t worry; I’m not going to harp on at you about the [forthcoming/recent] generation-defining episode which [might consign/ has consigned] us into the political equivalent of a Mad Maxian desert wilderness. I am far too much of a yammering man-child with insufficient real world experience…


Taste test: how much do you have to spend to get a good cider?

Let me take you on a journey back in time. The year is 1976. Sylvester Stallone is dominating the box office in Rocky and Britain is gripped by a drought that will become so notorious that it will be immortalised in old people’s diatribes about how younger generations don’t understand hardship. Example Young person: It’s a…


Glutton for gluten-free? The true costs of my coeliac’s disease

Right, shall we clear up a couple of things early on? I am a coeliac. This means that I have coeliac’s disease. I am, consequently, medically intolerant to gluten. I am not doing it as a diet and I am not self-diagnosed. Thank goodness we got that sorted out. It’s not that I have anything…


Cheap date? How to woo well without spending all of your money

Thankfully we are entering, if not a golden era, then certainly an aluminium or tin era of gender equality. I am particularly thankful of this shift for two reasons. Firstly it is generally a good thing that we have begun to recognise a societal gender bias, even if we are still tragically under motivated to…


Gym? No point. Ditch it and do this instead.

Being a gym rat can sometimes leave you poorer than a church mouse (albeit a very buff one). Imagine that: a ripped church mouse doing chin ups on the organ stool and benching prayer cushions. Anyway, I digress. For a lot of people reading this, university was a time of heavy drinking and careless eating.…



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