Sunday 23rd February 2020
Joseph Seager

Joseph Seager

This Thrifty Chap is a frugal Yorkshire boy, now living in Lancashire. Tweeting and blogging to help you save a bit of cash here and there. Average photographer. Aspiring superhero.

Why I Fired A Client

When you are self-employed, people seem to think you need work – whatever work, any style, type or substance of work because, y’know, there are bills to pay. This is wrong and most definitely the wrong mindset for you to have. If you think like this, others will too, including your clients. Recently, I fired…

Tyrion Lannister

Five financial lessons from Game of Thrones

As Game Of Thrones comes to the end of its seventh series, there are many lessons we can learn from the hit HBO show. I’m not talking about incest (!), I’m talking about money. Beware, there might be some spoilers ahead. “A Lannister always pays his debts.” Team Lannister are always saying this. It’s pretty…


Have The Wedding YOU Want

It’s the biggest day of your life. You’re planning the wedding to the person you love and want to spend your forever with. We all know that weddings can cost an absolute packet, but they don’t have to. You need to take control and get the wedding that YOU want. Family members are fantastic during…


Different ways to break up your day

A lot of employees don’t take a break during the day, other than at lunch. Some don’t even take that! Happy workers produce better work – that’s obvious, right? If you’re heart isn’t in it, you’re annoyed by the office walls, or your boss is doing your head in, you’re probably not too bothered about…


Sometimes you’ve just got to close your business baby down

As a business owner, there is the initial thrill of setting something new up. The creative side of things, getting business cards printed, designed a website, getting that first order or client. It’s a lot of work, but it’s your baby. Sometimes, that baby doesn’t work and, while it’s hard to step away from something…


Life: it’s all about compromise

We recently went on a family trip to the beach. As I’ve got into photography a lot over the last year and started a photography vlog we had a little agreement. The agreement was that we could enjoy some family beach time, and I would be allowed to have a few minutes wandering the sands, looking…

Invest in Life

Invest in yourself; invest in life

People question investment all the time. Where is best to invest? Is it in stock? Is it in property? I think one of the best places to invest, is in yourself! For months, I found myself looking at drones. Did I want one? Yes. Could I afford one? Possibly. But did I want to invest…


My positive spin on redundancy

When I was made redundant back in 2012, I wondered how my family were going to survive. We had a mortgage and bills to pay, and no real safety net aside from the money I was handed as I left the building. How do you go from a job which covers everything you pay out…

Supermarket Shopping

11 savvy supermarket shopping tips

We’ve all got to eat, right? But we don’t have to empty our wallets every time we go to the supermarket. Whilst I love encouraging folk to shop local, sometimes, in today’s crazy paced way of life, heading to the one-stop-shop is far easier and much less time consuming. I have collated 11 of my…

Economic Dressing

A capsule wardrobe: the economic dressing solution

There just aren’t enough hours in the day – we say it all the time. I’ve started looking at areas of my life where I waste time and have searched for ways to claw back some of those all important hours, minutes, seconds. Wearing similar clothes every day eliminates a choice. I don’t have to…



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