Friday 28th February 2020
Joseph Seager

Joseph Seager

This Thrifty Chap is a frugal Yorkshire boy, now living in Lancashire. Tweeting and blogging to help you save a bit of cash here and there. Average photographer. Aspiring superhero.


Restaurant Revolt: The Not So Pukka Life

Let’s kick this off by stating that I am a big fan of Jamie Oliver. I have been since I showed an ounce of interest in food tech a school and then got into cooking. From creating my own (somewhat better!) version of one of his puddings, to owning all of his cookbooks, he’s been…


List shopping, the simple time and money saver!

I’ve always looked at shopping lists as a bit of an ‘old school’ thing to do, something not really for me. Whether you consider yourself a list maker or not, how often do you actually write down want you need and take it with you to the supermarket? There are many benefits of making a…


The cost of being ill

We all get sick. It sucks. Whether it’s manflu or something more serious and life threatening, in our fast paced world, it’s sometimes hard to take the time to recover, or enjoy the time we have. The last thing you want to do when you’re ill is worry, but money worries can crop up. Having…

Spring Clean

Spring clean your life!

Often with the New Year comes the desire to organise your life. While it’s not quite the new season yet, people tend to refer to it as spring cleaning, where you get rid of junk from your home, you know, that stuff you haven’t touched for years. Giving everything a deep clean, proper elbow grease…


How to Build A Rainy-Day Fund

As the age-old saying goes, save money for a rainy day. Easy to say, but perhaps harder to figure out. I see a rainy-day fund as an emergency fund, one for when the weather turns on you and you get soaked to the skin. Perhaps you lose your job, need important dental work, or write…


Saving Money at University

University can be one of the most expensive times of your life. It’s well publicised that the fees are astronomical, so much so that they can put folk off actually applying. Those three years away from home to study a course you love (which could help you land a great career) can’t all be about…

Mental Health

Money & Mental Health

Mental Health has been talked about a lot so far this year. The fact it is being spoken about is fantastic and is helping to break the attached taboo and stigma, yet people still struggle to open up about it. Financial worries are also something people often keep to themselves. In this blog post, I…


Five money lessons that should be taught in schools

Remember PSE/PSHE or General Studies lessons from high school? I remember that you only had to continue General Studies into A-level if you got anything above a D at AS Level. Everyone aimed for that dreamy D grade (I was lucky enough to get the grade and drop the subject!) as it was pretty much…

Financial lessons

Money lessons from the movies

At the rate that Hollywood pumps out films, there are an abundance of lessons we can take from the world of cinema. Grab your tub of popcorn and chomp away as I run through some financial tips from the flicks. If you say film and finance, the first movie that comes to mind for most…


Financial Lessons From The Walking Dead

With Season 8 of The Walking Dead about to come to an end (no spoilers here!), I thought it was about time to do what I did with Game Of Thrones – and discover what financial lessons the popular show can offer us. Rich or poor, it doesn’t really matter. Whatever the size of your wallet,…



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