Friday 28th February 2020
Leanne Franklin

Leanne Franklin

Mouthy Blogger

West Midlands lass blogging her way through newfound motherhood and trying to get on the housing ladder in the smoothest way possible. Leanne also writes for ‘Money and the Mum’.


Property prices rise…again!

For those of you, like myself, who are trying to get on the property ladder, it’s worth taking note of another alarming (for us, anyway) trend. The average house price has risen by a whopping £15k. This is great if you are on the property ladder already but, for first time buyers, the picture is…


New Year, new you, new savings

It’s a new year, and the perfect time for making resolutions that you may (or may not) keep. Stop smoking, cut down on the wine, get healthy – we’ve all got our own. While I probably need to do all three of the aforementioned, my biggest priority this year is to save, save, save! Over…

January Blues

Time to beat those January blues!

January. You can’t help but feel a little bleak at the prospect. Christmas is over, money is tight, and waistbands are even tighter. We’re back at work feeling a little fragile after two weeks of excess. We’ve all drank too much, eaten too much, and more than likely spent too much, which usually means as…

Outside London Life

There is life beyond London!

The bright lights of London have been calling early twenty-somethings down in droves for the last few decades. An amazing city coupled with outstanding career opportunities makes London seem like the obvious choice to kick start your adult life, and it really is an amazing place to live. But what happens when the glitter wears…

Running Fitness

How to get fit and save money

I never ever thought I would say this, but being fit and healthy ranks pretty high on my list of life priorities. Having spent most of my twenties drinking and eating far too much, the only exercise I ever got was chucking shapes on the dancefloor in a questionable club. While that was all excellent…

Property Ladder

Why it’s nearly impossible to get on the property ladder

It’s been splashed all over the media this week that home ownership has fallen to its lowest level in 30 years. Even scarier, it’s not just Londoners who are struggling, but people across other big cities including Manchester, and my home town Birmingham. In fact, the proportion of people who own their own home has…


Frugal food tips #3 – dinner

Summer is here (apparently). So, with that in mind, I have ditched the junk in an attempt to be healthier and just a little bit less chubby. Eating can be expensive as it is, but healthy eating can takes it to a whole new levels. I still don’t know why people keep telling me to…


Seven ‘selective sides’ to make your food more frugal

As I continue down the road of being healthy and frugal, I have realised that a nice dinner or lunch is nothing without ‘selective sides’. Eating well doesn’t have to cost the earth, and if payday feels miles away then it’s still feasible to eat like a king/queen. Don’t bother with posh sides – you…

Train Tickets

An insider’s tips on how to buy your train tickets for less!

Let’s face it, holidays abroad can be pretty expensive. While I love chasing sunny climes and sandy beaches, there are some gorgeous places to see around the UK. And it’s easy to get there by train. I know this because I work in marketing for a train company, and part of my job is to…



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