Sunday 20th October 2019
Michael Taggart

Michael Taggart

Mouthy Blogger

Ex journo turned media agency founder. As likely to be found ranting about trains or his misspent youth as doing anything useful.


Southern Rail must die

As Southern Rail workers conduct another strike, meaning more misery for thousands, Mouthy Money blogger and commuter MICHAEL TAGGART imagines a Kafkaesque solution. It’s 4.03am and I’m having dark thoughts again; violent thoughts. The cat mutters contentedly at the foot of the bed – probably dreaming of fish. I’m not dreaming of fish. I’m staring…

Wedding Ring

You don’t need Beluga caviar! Nine ways to cut wedding costs

Yes, yes, I know you want an enormous golden pumpkin as your wedding carriage. And the original ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz. And a wedding breakfast of saffron-topped Wagyu beef, served with Matsasuke mushrooms and Beluga caviar followed by civit bean coffee. And…and… STOP! YOU CANNOT AFFORD IT! Nor can I. Nor could…


Banks, insurers and the Great Lie of Loyalty

When I was eight, I opened a Lloyds bank account. I remember my twin brother and me in the Plymouth city centre branch, on tip toes, trying to work out how to steal the strange pen fixed by a chain to the wooden counter (you were allowed to kill trees in those days) as my…

Hove Promenade Parkrun

The perfect pace (and price) of Parkrun

People run for all sorts of reasons. Many love the stupefying Zen brought on by the metronomic thud of feet and heart. Others crave the solitude to think through their lives – to solve crises, dream up baby names, invent slogans, make plans and clear writer’s block. Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point, runs…



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