Sunday 20th October 2019
Simon Read

Simon Read

Mouthy Blogger

Simon is a money writer and broadcaster. Former personal finance editor at The Independent, he also helped families make better financial decisions on the BBC1's Right On The Money.

Bank Switch

How to switch bank accounts

There are many reasons why you should consider switching bank accounts. You may be encouraged to move by online fraud problems, such have recently hit Tesco Bank or that customers of NatWest and RBS have had to endure several times. But there’s a much more powerful reason to switch – you could end up better…


How to start a pension

Is property a better bet than a pension for your long-term financial future? Despite a senior official at the Bank of England suggesting that was so, you can bet that anyone who ignores the benefits of a pension will rue the day in the future. Bear in mind that a pension is simply a savings…

Credit Cards

How to choose a credit card – and reasons why you shouldn’t

It’s so convenient to flash the plastic these days that it can seem essential to have a credit card. But that’s not so. There are several reasons why you should think about getting one – but also many reasons why you shouldn’t. It comes down to this: can you resist the temptation to overspend on…

Money grow ISAs

Savings hacks: how and when to start an ISA

Is it worth saving? Look at it this way. If you have a nest egg, it gives you choices. It could be the choice to jack in your job because you’re fed up. It could be the choice to take off on a much-needed break. Or it could be the choice to whack down a deposit…

Car Insurance

How to insure your car without breaking the bank

It’s so exciting getting your own wheels but before you can take to the road, you must have motor insurance, and that can prove to be a major financial headache. Motor insurance costs are rising. In fact they’ve climbed by a fifth in the past year to leave the average yearly premium at £715, according…



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