Tuesday 21st May 2024

Teach your kids about managing money with one month free on GoHenry

Teach kids about money with GoHenry’s debit card. Get one free month via Mouthy Money and a free custom card.

Parents looking to help their children learn the ins and outs of banking and money can use GoHenry, a debit card for kids.

Mouthy Money has an exclusive deal with GoHenry to offer one month free on the debit card for kids.

What is GoHenry?

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GoHenry is company that offers pre-paid debit cards for children and teenagers.

For children and parents, the debit card has an accompanying app that lets kids learn about money with built-in “Money Missions”.

Parents will have access to a companion app that will help them oversee their child’s progress, set boundaries and goals for them to achieve, plus real-time spending notifications.

GoHenry also offers customisable debit cards for kids to use, making the process of spending with the app more fun and personal.

The deal in a nutshell

Mouthy Money’s GoHenry deal offers no monthly fee for the first month when you sign up a child to GoHenry’s debit card and app.

GoHenry has two tiers of membership after this:

  • Everyday: £3.99 a month with features such as automatic allowance and tasks, spending notifications, parental controls.
  • Plus: £5.99 a month which offers everything in Everyday but also adds 4.5% AER interest on savings, cashback on in-store spending and full access to the apps 80+ Money Missions

Note, GoHenry is a debit card only and does not benefit from Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) deposit protection.

Why does financial education matter?

Mouthy Money is a big proponent of financial education from the earliest stage of life possible. We’ve run a book competition with financial journalist and author Sonia Rach, who wrote an excellent children’s book about money. We also caught up with Sonia on our podcast.

Listen to our chat with Sonia on Spotify or Apple Podcast.

Plus, we also spoke to Sarah Marks on the podcast, chief executive of financial educstion charity RedSTART, on why financial education matters. RedSTART is dedicated to rexploring the outcomes of financial education in an early age setting, conducting wide-ranging research into the area.

Listen to our chat with Sarah on Spotify or Apple Podcast.

For this reason we think the GoHenry deal is great, as it provides a modern, flexible and functional tool to help parents guide their kids through the process of learning one of the most important skills in life – good money management.

Find out more about the deal on the GoHenry website. Or else you can go to the GoHenry website and enter code: AFUKFNACC

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