Saturday 13th July 2024

How to make this a good financial year

We blinked and BOOM a new year appeared. 

And what happens at the start of every New Year? We all say “OMG this is going to be the best year of my life, this is the year I sort out my money, the year I save, the year [insert financial goal here]”

Before we know it, months fly by and we feel like we haven’t actually made any *real* progress towards these goals, and we shame ourselves for not taking action. 

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So, how do we make sure that this year is a good year for our money? 

It’s not about making more, getting a pay rise, saving or investing more.

It is not actually about the money. 

It is about how we FEEL about our money. 

If you feel that money is a huge source of pain in your life, maybe you have always struggled to stop overspending and as a result your savings have dwindled. Or maybe you avoid even making financial goals because you hate talking about money. 

Whatever it is, our behaviour towards money is dictated by the way we talk and feel about it. 

It can be so easy to go about day to day on autopilot acting in the same way we always have with our money. Even when our conscious goals are to improve our finances, sometimes our subconscious is not in alignment with those desires and this is where the conflict is!

Changing your relationship with money, and with yourself, allows everything around us to change for the better. You break the cycle of poor money management and shaming yourself and guilty spending. 

It feels refreshing and exciting, because money is no longer the enemy. Money is your friend. A resource to help you build the life you want. 

Money is no longer the end destination, instead the vehicle that gets you there!

The best place to start with improving how you feel about money is to explore without judgement through journaling:

Ask yourself these questions: 

  1. How do I currently feel about money? And what is causing those feelings?
  2. How would I like to feel about money this year? 
  3. How can I start to create those feelings in my life, regardless of how much money I have? 

We want to identify the gap between where we are right now and where we want to be. 

When we can create positive feelings about our lives, ourselves, and our finances, we can start to attract and welcome more money into our lives. 

As opposed to waiting for more money to magically appear and making the assumption it’ll make us feel better when it arrives.

Working with a Financial Coach will help you to understand your relationship with money on a deeper level and rewrite your beliefs to support you having your best financial year!

If you are ready to commit to your new financial journey, why wait another year. Why not get started now? 

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Laura Moore

Mouthy Blogger

Laura Ann Moore is a certified financial coach, financial wellbeing speaker,and host of the Mind Money Soul podcast, talking about finances in a fun, judgement-free way to help people feel good about money, get financially confident, and build wealth.

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