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Starbucks unlimited refills on coffee for £1.30 in store 

Whether Starbucks is a little treat for you, or basically your office – there’s a deal that not many people know about that you can claim in store. 

It’s very easy to claim too, with no coupons or discounts required, and available every day of the week. 

Here’s everything you need to know to get a cheap coffee: 

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What is in the deal exactly? 

If you wanted to make your local Starbucks your office for the whole day, you can do it by only paying for one drink and getting unlimited refills. 

Starbucks gives free refills when you order and purchase a filter coffee when inside the coffee shop. 

So when you’re finished the first cup, you can head back up to the counter and ask for another one, free of charge. 

For as long as you stay inside the coffee shop, you can continue to get free refills, but the second you leave, you’ll have to pay for another one to start the cycle. 

At most Starbucks Coffee shops, a filter coffee will only cost £1.55. But there is a way to get it for a little bit cheaper too. 

If you bring in a reusable cup, Starbucks gives you a discount of 25p, which drops the price of your filter coffee down to £1.30. 

It’s not going to be as fancy as a Frappuccino, but it still gets you your caffeine fix for a little bit cheaper! 

Why should I care? 

Having a day out at a coffee shop isn’t as cheap as it once was, but if you’re now working from home, you can head to a Starbucks and basically make it your office for the whole day for just over £1. 

It’s worth telling your friends about this offer too, as if you ever meet up with someone, this could be a great place to go for a cheap coffee and a catch up. 

Whats the catch? 

There isn’t much of a catch with this deal. It’s available everyday and everyone can get it. 

Sometimes if the queue for the till is long, you might have to wait a little bit of time to get your free refill – so be wary about leaving your laptop and belongings out on a table while you get one. 

If you don’t have a reusable cup to get an extra 25p off, you can buy a Starbucks cup for just £1 in a coffee shop. Once you’ve used it more than 4 times, then it pays for itself. 

What other options do I have? 

Filter coffee is the cheapest form of coffee you can get in most coffee shops, and although you can’t get free refills on them, you can generally find it for between £1-2 at other high street giants like Pret and Caffe Nero. 

Costa does not serve filter coffee anymore however. 

Where can I find out more? 

To get the deal, just head into your local Starbucks and order a filter coffee and ask for refills! They don’t advertise it very well – so its worth confirming it with your server first. 

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  1. I went to starbucks yesterday and they only allowed one refill. I looked at starbucks Uk website and it mentions “a refill” whilst USA allows countless refills.

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