Saturday 13th July 2024

Weather got you hot under the collar? Five ways to keep cool


So the UK is experiencing a few heatwaves and it’s slowly turning everyone slightly insane. After 10 months of moaning about how terrible British weather is, summer has finally arrived – with vengeance! Having spent last year living in Burkina Faso experiencing 40+ degree heat every day – no such thing as air con there – here are my top tips for staying cool on a budget!

  1. Dress appropriately

Step away from the viscose and favour items which are 100% cotton instead. Light, loose fitting are best. Think about what you’re doing and the tan lines your option might create, plus short floaty dresses aren’t great for the tube (trust me). If you’re out and about, I find light cotton shirts to be best.

  1. Water is your friend

Always carry a bottle of water if you’re heading out in the heat to prevent dehydration. Fill up from the tap and put in the freezer the night before so you’ll have a cool drink during the day. Whilst you’re at it, fill up those ice trays too, they’re much cheaper than buying ice. If you’re out and need to buy a drink, most supermarkets do one or two litre bottles of water for much cheaper than 500ml, you’ll find them in the fizzy drinks and squash aisle.

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  1. We all scream for ice cream

There is nothing better than ice cream in hot weather but it doesn’t come cheap – buy multipacks of ice creams and lollies rather than individual ones, an especially good tip if you’re on a family day out. For a homemade, cheap and healthy option, freeze old bananas (peel first) then blend until creamy – they’re delightful!

  1. Stay out of the sun

Common sense but it works, if you’re going to be outside try and stay in the shade as much as possible. Draw your curtains if the sun is streaming in to keep rooms cool too. Avoid air con and use fans instead where possible, they’re much cheaper to run. If you are out in the sun remember – everybody’s free to wear suncream.

  1. For an instant refresh

Run a cold shallow bath and sit with your feet in for five to 10 minutes. My housemates and I swear by it. For added chill, throw in some ice cubes.

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