Wednesday 1st April 2020
Millie Chapman

Millie Chapman

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If there’s a bargain to be had anywhere, Emily’s your gal. Theatre, drinks, baking and being treated like a VIP for free, not necessarily in that order.

Jon Hunting

Job hunting: five things I learnt along the way

Last summer, I decided that it was time to find a new job. Since graduating I had been quite lucky and fallen into jobs, but this time the hunt was a tactical career move. I was looking for more responsibility, better pay, and a company that I could see myself progressing in. It took me…


My book-free year

Last January, I decided that one of my New Year’s resolutions for 2016 would be to not buy any new books. Over the years, I have built up bookshelves full of unread paperbacks, a kindle on which most of the library remains untouched, and a rather impressive collection of cookbooks. I simply do not need…

Charity Shop

Charity shop? Why not!

I have long been a lover of charity shops – in a culture of fast fashion, it is the most ethical way to shop. I even volunteered in my local Age UK charity shop in my teens for my Duke of Edinburgh Award. Sometimes I go on day trips to places which have good charity shops…

Clothes Shopping

Why I will probably never stop buying clothes

Anyone who knows me knows that I love my clothes (almost as much as my food)! When I first got a part time job at 14, all my income was spent in Topshop. This was then later divided between alcohol and Topshop, but for a while it was mainly Topshop. When I was in 6th…


Weather got you hot under the collar? Five ways to keep cool

So the UK is experiencing a few heatwaves and it’s slowly turning everyone slightly insane. After 10 months of moaning about how terrible British weather is, summer has finally arrived – with vengeance! Having spent last year living in Burkina Faso experiencing 40+ degree heat every day – no such thing as air con there…


Property vs pension: what’s safer than houses?

This is part three of a series of blog posts where Millie argues that, given the choice, she’ll be better off financially if she spends her money on getting on the housing ladder rather than contributing to a pension. Head over to part one and then part two if you’ve not read these yet. Over…

Pension Vs Property

Pensions vs property: why I see saving for a pension as a gamble

This is the second part in a three part series where our 26-year-old blogger questions the value in saving up for a pension over saving up for a deposit on a property or putting money into an ISA. Read part one here. My dad works part time in a ticket office at a local, one…


Pensions vs Property: a dreadfully difficult dilemma (part 1/3)

Like many young people, including fellow Mouthy Money blogger Andrew, my goal is to buy a house. It’s my aim, my dream, the point in my life where I will turn from young person to fully grown adult. Yes, my parents will be (significantly) helping me raise the deposit, and, yes, the bank will own approximately…


Not posh enough for the opera? This is how you get cheap tickets

I used to think that a trip to the Royal Opera House (ROH) in London was completely out of my reach financially and that I would stick out like a sore thumb with my northern accent and charity shop attire. However, a couple of years ago I decided to look up the price of tickets…


How to get cheap tickets to the best theatre shows this summer

Summer is a strange time in Theatreland. The Royal Ballet has shut up shop at the Royal Opera House for the season and is currently touring Japan so those after classic ballet or opera may be disappointed. Endless school trips make a trip to the ‘West End classics’ almost unbearable – unless you like constant…



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