Thursday 27th February 2020
Millie Chapman

Millie Chapman

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If there’s a bargain to be had anywhere, Emily’s your gal. Theatre, drinks, baking and being treated like a VIP for free, not necessarily in that order.


How to eBay like a pro!

My parents are moving house this summer and have decided that they no longer want to store all the stuff I don’t want enough to have with me (in my box room in London) but still want to keep. They last moved house when I was 18 and I have managed to build up quite…

Glastonbury Festival

An idiot’s guide to surviving Glastonbury

In just a few days, 250,000 people will be descending onto Worthy Farm in Somerset to enjoy five days of what is arguably the BEST festival in the world. Tickets sold out in just 30 mins, headliners have been announced and the weather forecast will almost definitely include rain. But if you are one of the…


Okay, so you’ve graduated…now what?

Congratulations! You’ve finished your exams, handed in all course work and ticked off ‘university’ on your bucket list. But what to do now? Unless you were super organised or lucky enough to have a career in mind, chances are you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the idea of leaving 18 years of education and joining…


How to get free sh*t without really trying!

There’s no such thing as a free lunch – or is there? There is an absolute tonne of free stuff out there for you to get your hands on if you know where to look. And since the rise of smart phones and social media, getting your hands on freebies is even easier. Once you’re…


Sick of sandwiches? Five alternative lunch ideas that won’t break the bank

Nothing is more quintessentially British than a sandwich. Even so, nothing puts you off taking a packed lunch to work each day than the same, boring, soggy sandwich. However, when I look at my monthly budget the idea of assigning £200 to ‘lunches’ blows my mind. Taking in your lunch rather than picking up that toastie…


Five cocktails you can make for a fiver (ish)

It’s National Cocktail Day tomorrow – whoop! I LOVE my cocktails so I thought I’d share some of my favourites to make at home – perfect for the summer. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have a fairly good stash of your standard spirits such as vodka, gin and rum and you’re less likely to…

Power Dressing When Skint

How to power dress for work…when you’re skint

Summer has arrived! And many soon-to-be graduates are preparing to join the workforce. But, as I discovered a couple of years ago, power dressing for work is EXPENSIVE, whereas new graduates are normally skint! I spent most of my time at uni living in leggings and a society-branded hoodie with the rest of my wardrobe consisting…


Five ways to have a wonderful weekend without spending a penny!

Weekends can be expensive. A Saturday night out typically involves dinner, drinks, entry fees and a taxi home – not great on the bank balance and that’s before you include the new dress and matching shoes and the hangover pizza ordered at 1pm on Sunday from your bed. Sometimes you need a weekend in to…


How I saved £500 on monthly rent being a property guardian

You might be a fan of the Channel 4’s ‘Crashing’, which depicts 20-somethings living as ‘property guardians’, in an old hospital in London. The show has raised the profile of the property guardianships and highlights the reasons why people chose them (being skint) and the lifestyle they create (no parties…ahem). What is a property guardian?…



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