Friday 29th May 2020
Cait Armstrong

Cait Armstrong

Mouthy blogger

Recent Cardiff grad, undeniable tea lover, avid daydreamer and aspiring lawyer.

The untold cost of the property ladder – tales from a Gen Y buyer

There is a lot of babble floating around about Generation Y’s inability to get onto the property ladder. But, for this apparent ‘minority’, how simple is it to buy a house? Let’s see. First step – the Agreement in Principle My partner recently came into some inheritance funds and we’ve been poring over estate agent…


Is getting a dog worth the financial commitment?

Yes – in short. I would never revoke my decision to bring home that bundle of joy who has now terrorised our house and laid claim to every room – if you know what I mean! April 2017, me and my partner took the plunge to extend our family (in the four legged, furry way!).…


Should we still be paying for the contraceptive pill?

The contraceptive pill arrived in the UK in 1957. It was initially introduced to ease ‘female disorders’, and was made accessible to all women in 1960. The pill has so far done wonders for women; allowing them choice, liberation, and control. Today, 55.5% of women use the contraceptive pill, not only to prevent pregnancy, but also to…

Chugger Work

The uphill struggle of finding your first job: a chugger for a day

The endless search for a first job, following the safety net of the educational system, is daunting for anyone. To make life that little bit more challenging, there are also misleading job advertisements swarming the internet. If you’ve spent hours looking for a job, as I have, you will eventually fall victim to their empty promises.…


Charity begins at home: how to decorate on a budget

Starting out is an emotional rollercoaster of highs, lows, and intense worries. The highs can be euphoric; you’re finally going to get a place you can call ‘home’, you’ve reached that age where you need to invest in what the golden oldies refer to as ‘life necessities’. There is something about buying your first washing…


Life after graduation: it ain’t all coming up roses

Life, after you graduate, is something you dream of. No more 9am lectures to attend, no more tedious seminars that never quite fill the allotted time and, most importantly, no more deadlines! But is it all Champagne and caviar? Frankly, no. There is an undeniable lack of support after you finish university, it’s a case…



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