Friday 14th June 2024

Send money abroad with your first transfer free from Atlantic Money

If you need to send money abroad, Atlantic Money offers £3 flat fee transactions. Mouthy Money has a deal for readers to get their first transaction for free.

Send money abroad with Atlantic Money

When you send money abroad, whether it be to relatives, business or any other reason, can be pricey.

This is especially the case with international bank-to-bank transfers which can leave customers facing high fees, unclear exchange rates, and slow transfer times. Fortunately there is a way to get a clearer deal for your transfer.

Atlantic Money has services for personal and business transfers with 10 currencies available to exchange.

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It offers a £3 flat fee per transfer (of up to £1 million) – 10x cheaper on average than alternatives – with a live updated exchange rate to ensure your money transfer costs are as clear as possible.

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Exchange rates

Foreign exchange rates are an important part of sending money abroad and can make the transfer much more expensive if you’re not fully aware of how they work.

A currency exchange rate at its most basic is how much of one currency you can get for another. The basic exhcange rate tends to come from firms such as the Visa exchange rate.

However some banks use their own rates, which can be worse than the Visa rate and therefore not as good value. It is important to be aware what exchange rate your bank may charge as this can be a very expensive way to send money.

First transfer free

Mouthy Money has got a deal for readers which enables them to make their first overseas transfer for free. – with instant delivery costing just £1 extra.

The company was launched by American expats Patrick Kavanagh and Neeraj Baid who were alarmed by the cost and inefficiency of sending money abroad through the mainstream banking system.

To get the deal, sign up here.

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