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How to earn money from your phone

Shoestring Jane gives top tips on how to earn money using your smartphone

Woman using her phone to earn money

Stop mindlessly scrolling and earn money from your phone instead.

Do you ever find yourself mindlessly scrolling through your phone, thinking you are just wasting time?

Consider using some of that time to make a little extra cash instead. Here are some ideas to earn money from your phone. Most of them can be done in a few minutes here and there. 

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The Biscuit app

If you are a dog walker, the Biscuit app allows you to earn vouchers from stores like Tesco, Deliveroo and M&S, along with discounts on pet food and services. The best part is that you earn these doing something you would be doing every day anyway – walking your mutt!

I discovered Biscuit a few months ago and I am a big fan. You input your dog’s microchip number and some basic details, and then each time you head off for a walk you start the app. It tracks your walk and the number of minutes you were out, and if you hit your daily target you earn points in the form of ‘biscuits’.

Once I got into the habit of remembering to turn the app on, I quickly built up the 5000 biscuits required for my first reward. I chose a £10 M&S voucher and am working towards my next one.

You can earn even more biscuits if you input information like your pet’s weight, the date of their annual vaccinations and the dates you administer flea and worm treatments.

Survey sites

I have tried several online survey companies and, in my opinion, many are not worth the effort.

They frequently ask a lot of questions before screening you out, which is very frustrating when you can spend five to ten minutes on the screening questions. Even when I have managed to get through to do a survey, I have found the rewards too small to be worth the time spent earning them.

There are a couple that I think are worth mentioning, however, particularly if you have odd bits of time during your day.

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Earn money from YouGov surveys

I like YouGov because I never get screened out, the surveys are straightforward, not too time-consuming and quite interesting.

I have been asked for my views on government policies, how well I think the NHS is working and on issues around Covid, as well as for my opinion on a range of companies and services.

It has taken me a long time to reach the 5000 points required for a £50 payout, partly because I only get offered one or two a fortnight, and partly because I forget to do them and they time out. I am currently at 4630 points – 370 to go – so I am very motivated to do every survey I am sent!

Prolific Academic surveys

Another survey site that pays comparatively well is Prolific Academic. The only problem is that you must apply almost immediately as the spots fill up in minutes. This may suit you if you sit in front of a screen much of the time, as you will see the notifications.

The company provides data for academics and researchers and requires you to give well-considered answers. When you get accepted, surveys can pay as much as £10, making Prolific one of the highest-paying survey sites I have come across. 

Sell your photos

If you have a passion for photography, you can sell good-quality images to agencies like Shutterstock.

You earn a small fee each time one of your images is downloaded (between 15% and 40% of the sale price), which may only be pennies initially but can add up over time. The more useful and popular the images you contribute are, the greater your earning potential. 

There is a good review of the pros and cons of becoming a Shutterstock contributor here.

Declutter your books and media

If you have shelves full of unloved books, games, DVDs and CDs, why not sell them to make money?

Companies such as Ziffit and WeBuyBooks give you an instant price when you scan in the bar codes of your items, which must be in good condition. Then you box them up, send them using the pre-paid label and, once they have been checked, you will be paid.

Make sure you check the condition guidelines and FAQs before you post your items. If they are rejected, they won’t be returned.

Sell your unwanted clothes

Vinted has taken off in recent years and with good reason. The app is straightforward and user-friendly, making listing your old gear for money quick and easy. Even better, there are no listing fees and no commission to pay. So why not declutter your wardrobe and sell your unwanted clothing?

Interestingly, eBay must be feeling the effect of Vinted’s success as you can now sell your clothing for free there, too. However, there is still a commission to pay when selling shoes and accessories.

I asked my Facebook group which platform they preferred and Vinted was the resounding winner, although some felt you could ask higher prices on eBay.

None of these methods to make money from your phone will earn a fortune. However, using the time you might otherwise spend scrolling social media could allow you to earn significant extra cash.

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