Tuesday 23rd July 2024

So, Southern Rail basically stopped running trains today – and Twitter went mental

Southern Rail

If you asked me to name one thing that I hate and one thing I love, my answers would be connected.

My hated item would, of course, be Southern Rail and all her evil minions. People who know me know I want that company dead. Southern today enacted a violent cull of its services, axing 341 trains a day. The idea is that if you run fewer trains, fewer will be late and you will pay less in fines.

Obviously chaos ensued. This is set to continue for at least a month.

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And the thing I love? Has to be the humorous, cynical and downright apoplectic responses to the Southern’s criminal incompetence on Twitter.

We read the best and collected them here so you don’t have to.

1. If you’re going to piss someone off, might be an idea to make sure they don’t have a radio show…or a newspaper column…or a TV show. Oops.

2. Because, well, this will happen. Obviously.

3. It was all depressingly predictable from the start.

4. The anger spread like runny marshmallow from the South coast into the capital.

5. Here’s one tweet that won’t have caused much mirth. Enter the Government’s most useless minister.

6. We’re not buying it, Claire!


7. And, now, let’s sit back and observe some of that fantastic British disgust…


And, finally, for those who have been as badly ****ed over by Southern Rail as me, you might want to get involved in this.

Michael Taggart

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