Saturday 13th July 2024

£30 free Uber credit for NHS workers this Christmas

If you, or somebody you know works for the NHS, you need to let them know about this deal.

There’s £30 worth of Uber credit up for grabs, for use on both food and trips this festive period – with no strings attached.

Here’s everything you need to know.

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What is in the deal exactly?

If you work for the NHS in any capacity, you can get £20 worth of free rides and £10 of food via Uber Eats.

The free rides are divided up into two £10 Uber rides. If you spend over that amount, you will need to pay the excess (you can’t combine it unfortunately).

The food credit works in the same way. The £10 free food incorporates all service charges and delivery fees, but if you spend more than that amount, you’ll have to cover the excess.

To claim this deal, you’ll need to have an Uber account with your NHS email account linked to it. If you already have an Uber account, you can set up another one with your NHS email, or change your email address on your main account.

You’ll need to make sure that your NHS email is linked to your account by 20th December, as you’ll receive voucher codes to your NHS email account on the 22nd to add to your account.

You can add these to your account by going to ‘Wallet’ and then pasting codes in ‘vouchers’ section.

The credit can be used on either 24th or 25th December 2022 and if you don’t use them, they will be lost.

Uber describe the campaign as ‘rides and food deliveries for our NHS heroes this Christmas’.

Why should I care?

If you’re heading out on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, and you wanted to get a ride to enjoy a few drinks, this makes it a little bit cheaper.

Similarly, if you do have an NHS email, you could grab some free food (or groceries) if you just add your email address.

There are over one million people nationwide employed by the NHS, so it’s likely that you know at least someone who can take advantage of this deals – and sharing is caring!

What’s the catch?

Obviously, you need to be an NHS employee, or have an NHS registered email account that ends in NHS.net.

It can be only be used on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day – so it’s a limited timeframe.

What other options do I have?

If you’re not an NHS employee, you may have to share your Uber trips with friends to bring down the costs of your rides.

There are options within the app to split the fare if more than one of you are travelling – so it’s worth checking that if you wanted to bring down the cost.

Where can I find out more?

Uber have detailed everything you need to know on its website, including a step by step guide of how to add the codes to your account.

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